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74TH CONGRESS. SESS. I . eHS. 579-581. AUGUST 20, 1985. 2151 [CHAPTER S79.l AN ACT A~2.0. 11m. For the relief of Hazel B. Lowe, Tess II. Johnston, and Esther 1.. Teckmeyer. _ [S.280.] r (Private, No.•. Be it enacted by the Senate and House ol Representatives 01 the United States 01 America in Congress assembled, That the Adminis- lluel B. Lowe. etc. trator of Veterans' Affairs be, and he is bereby, authorized and Payment to. directed to payout of current appropriations for salaries and expenses of the \reterans' Administration, the sum of $68 to Hazel n. Lowe, $91.80 to Tess H. Johnston, and $91.80 to EsthE'r L. Teck- Ill{'yer, in full settlement of all claims a~ainst the Government of the United States, for services rendered In the Veterans' Adminis- tration and the Department of Justice. Approved, August 20, 1935. [ell APTER 5S0.] AUl!1lSt 20. 193.~. AN ACT For the relief of F. T . Wade, M. L. Dearing, E. D. Wagner, and G. M . Judd. _ _r~~oo.l_ __ [Private, No. ~-lO.) Be it enacted b.lI the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Connres8 assembled, That the Secretary F. T . WadI', etc. hT bdI "b- h' d' Payment to. of t e reasury e, an Ie is here y, aut orlze and dIrected to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the following-named persons the sums hereinafter specified, in full sat- isfaction of their claims against the United States for services ren- dered as employees of the Department of Justice, such services having been rendered at the request of, and in the office of, the r nited States attorney for the State of Oregon after the expiration of a thirty-day temporary appointment issued to said persons: F. T. 'Vade, $202.90; M. L. Dearmg, $110.84; E. D . 'Vaguer, $110.84; and G. M. Judd, $115.41: Provided, That no part of the amount ~~'. appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 per centum thereof shall nt.>~~!~~f('~:o:.!e..~.n atto,- - be paId or delivered to or received by any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, on account of services rendered in connection with said daim. It shall be unlawful for any agent or agents, attorIwy or attorneys, to exact, collect, withhold, or receive any sum of the amount appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 per c<.>ntum thereof on account of services r<.>ndered in connection WIth said claim, any ('on tract to the contrary notwithstandinO'. Any person violating Penaltyforviolation. the provisions of this Act shall be deemed' guilty of a misd(>meanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in anj- sum not exceeding $1,000. Approy('d, August 20, 1935. [ell APTER 581.] AN ACT For the relief of Fred Lm;cher. Be it enacted by the Senate and [louse of Representatives of thf' United State8 of Anl£rica in Oongress assemhled, That the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to Fred Luscher of Bridal Veil, Oregon, the sum of $227.50, in full satisfaction of his claim against the United States for damages result ing from the loss of cattle that died in September 1932, from eating wood preservative applied to poles instal1ed by the Department of Comml'rce at air- ways beacon sites numbered 2 and 251{ at Bridal Veil 011 the Port- August 20. 1935_ [S.MO.) - [PTI,;ati, ! -:o. -:m.] - f'red I.uscher. I'ayml'ut to.