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3716 RECIPROCAL TRADF.. - BELGO-LUXEMBtTRG ECONOMIC UNION. Annex II-ContIn- ued. Effective date. Proclamation. Vol. 48, p. 943. Paragraphe du"Tarlfi Act" de 1930 1551 1606 (a) & (b) 1651 1685 1685 1689 ANNEXE 1I.- Continu6e Description des marchandises Droits appllcables Films cin6matographiques, sensibilis~ mais non impressionn6s ni d6velop~, ayant une largeur de un pouce ou plus_ _ _ ____________ O .2ยข par pied cou- rant de Ill. largeur normale de 1% de pouce, et les films de toutes autres largeurs, de 1 pouee ou plus, seront tax~ en proportion. Chevaux _______________________________ .. __ Exempts sous reS- serve des disposi- tions pr6vues au paragraphe 1606 (a) et (b) Huile morte ("dead oil") ou huill' de cr60sote_ _ Exempta Seories basiques_______ ____ ______ ___________ Exemptes Phosphate pr6cipitcS d'08, d'une qualitcS utilisk prineipalement pour engrais ou utilisoo prin- clpalement comme ingr6dient dans Ill. fabri- cation des engrais___ __ __________ __ __ _____ Exempt Osseine________________ ____ ___ __ _______ _____ Exempte AND WHEREAS it is provided in the said exchange of notes that the Agreement shall come into force on the thirtieth day following proc- lamation thereof by the President of the United States of America and the simultaneous publication of the said Agreement in the Moniteur Belge; AND WHEREAS the understanding has been reached on both parts that the said proclamation of the Agreement by the President of the United States of America and the publication of the Agreement in the Moniteur Belge shall take place simultaneously on this first day of April, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five; whereupon the said Agreement will come into effect on the first day of :May, one thousand nine hundred and thirty-five; WHEREAS such modifications of existing duties and other import restrictions and such continuances of existing customs and excise treatment as are set forth and provided for in that Agreement and the two Schedules thereunto annexed are required and appropriate to carry out the said Agreement: Now, THEREFORE, I, Franklin D. Roosevelt, President of the United States of America, acting under the authority conferred by the said Act of Congress of June 12, 1934, do hereby proclaim the said Agreement including the said Schedules, to the end that the whole and every part thereof may be observed and fulfilled with