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AIR NAVIGATION-GREAT BRITAIN. 3727 8. (i) The term "air commerce" as used in the succeeding sub- fl~~, commerce" de- paragraph means (a) the navigation of aircraft from one place to another both within the same or different territories under United States sovereignty, jurisdiction or authority, in the conduct or in furtherance of a business, and (b) the commercial transport of passengers or goods between any two points both within such territories. (ii) Air commerce may, in the territories to which this Note ap- Heserv!\tiollS. plies, be reserved exclusively to United States aircraft whether regis- td·tht't' Ih N thI B't'h' f Points of c'lll by ere In ose ern ones or e sew ere. ever e ess n IS aIrcra t thruugh bills ofl!1diD~. may proceed from any aerodrome which they may be entitled to use in those territories to any other such aerodrome for the purpose of taking on board or landing the whole or part of their cargoes or pas- sengers, provided that such cargoes are covered by through bills of lading, and such passengers hold through tickets, issued respectively for a journey the starting place and end of which are not both points between which air commerce has been reserved; and such aircraft, while so proceeding from one aerodrome to another, will, notwith- standing that both such aerodromes are points between which air commerce has been reserved, be entitled to the treatment set out in this Note, 9. (i) Air traffic may be prohibited over specified areas in the terri- J 'ruhihitecl hrea.~. tories to which this Note applies, but no diRtinction will be made in this matter between United States and British aircraft engaged in international commerce. Lists of the areas above which air traffic is thus prohibited will be communicated to His Majesty's Government in the United Kingdom, and any subsequent alterations therein will be notified immediately. (ii) In exceptional circumstances air traffic above the whole or any ti<~;;::el:~:.IlCY r',,:ric·· part of the territories to which this Note applies may temporn.rily, and with immediate effect, be limited or prohibited, but no distinc- tion in this respect will be made between British aircraft and the air- craft of any country not being part of the territories under United States sovereignty, jurisdiction or authority. (iii) In the event of any British aircraft finding itself over a pro- hi;\it~~:TarmstroBot (talk) 18:50, 19 November 2014 (UTC)":l0vrr pr" hibited nrea, it must, so soon as it is aware of the fact, give the signal of distress prescribed in the Rules of the Air in force in the territory in which the prohibited area is situated, and a landing must be effected as soon as possible at an aerodrome in that territory, outside but as near as possible to the prohibited area. 10, (i) All British aircraft flying in or over the territories to which e,:~Hirll'ti\" l::arks, this Note applies must carry clear and visible nationality and regis- tration marks whereby they may be recognized during flight. (ii) Such aircraft must also be provided with certificates of regis- ( 'l 'rU:k"t, , -; recluired. tration and airworthiness and with all the other documents prescribed for air traffic in the territories in which they are registered. (iii) The members of the crew of such aircraft who perform duties )le~~;~i~\:s witli SlJCCiaJ for which a special permit is required in the territories in which the