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RECIPROCAL TRADE-S'VEDEN. MAY 25,1935. In witness whereof the respec- tive Plenipotentiaries have signed this Agreement and have affixed their seals hereto. Done in duplicate, in the Eng- lish and Swedish languages, both authentic, at the City of Wash- ington, this 25th day of :May, 1935. Till bekraftelse harav hava Signatures. respektive befullmaktigade OID- bud undertecknat denna ovcrens- kommelse och forsett densamma med sina sigil!. 80m skedde i tva exemplar, pa engelska och svenska spraken, vilka bada aga lika vitsord, i "Tashington, den 25 maj 1935. For the President of the United States of America: CORDELL HULL [SEAL] For His ]vr ajesty the King of Sweden: 'V. BOSTROM [SEAL] 3767