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3824 RECIPROCAL TRADE-BRAZIL. Schedule I-C onĀ· Unued. Brullian Tariff Item No. Description of Articles IRON AND STEEL: 851 Manufactures: Furniture and furnishings, not classified, and Unit parts therefor. Kg. LW SOAPS, SAPOLIOS, SOAPY SUBSTANCES AND SIMILAR: 977 Common, ordinary or hard, for domestic use, in bars, blocks, flakes, or in sheets, white such as Marseilles, variegated, or colored. Kg. LW PAINTS: 982 Prepared with oil: liquid, ready for use, pro- ducing on the painted surface an ordinary opaque or not very brilliant finish, with a maximum of 2% of natural or artificial resin. Kg. LW Prepared with a base of varnish or resins, known as enamels, liquid, ready for use, producing a brilliant or lustrous finish. Kg. LW Prepared with a base of pyroxyUn (nitrocellu- lose) or acetylcellulose (acetate of cellulose): In mass or paste, dark or opaque, for undercoat, known as II Preparation", II Surfacer", "Putty" and the like. Kg. LW Liquid, to be applied by machinery (pistols or sprayers) opaque or brilliant, of any color, containing pigments or mineral lacquers. Kg. LW VARNISHES: 984 With a base of ethers of cellulose (nitro or aceto- cellulose), transparent, colored or not. RADIO, TELEGRAPHIC, TELEPHONIC, AND TELE- VISION ApPARATUS: 1583 Receiving or transmitting apparatus for tele- phones, telegraphs, radio-telephones, radio telegraphs or television, including radio- victrolas and any of their appurtenances and 'arts not classified: W;Jighing up to 10 kilos. Weighing more than 10 up to 50 kilos. Weighing more than 50 up to 100 kilos. Weighing more than 100 up to 250 kilos. Weighing more than 250 up to 500 kilos. Weighing more than 500 kilos. FILMS, CINEMATOGRAPHIC: 1601 Developed: Up to 16 millimeters wide. Same, more than 16 millimeters wide. Unexposed. ELECTRIC BATTERIES, DRY: 1632 Separate or assembled in batteries: Weighing up to 50 grams Weighing more than 50 up to 100 grams. Weighing more than 100 up to 500 grams. Weighing more than 500 up t.o 1 kilo. Weighing more than 1 kilo. RADIO VALVES OR TUBES: 1654 For radio-receiving and radio-transm:tting appa- ratus: Weighing up to 100 grams. Weighing more than 100 grams. Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg. I~W Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.LW Kg.LW Kg. LW Kg.I,W Kg. LW Kg.I,W Kg. LW Rate of Duty 2$600 28080 1$170 2$600 2$340 2$400 5$200 12$700 10$200 7$650 6$800 5$400 4$100 28$500 56$990 5$700 3$000 2$600 28500 2$400 18900 30$660 38$000