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3890 8cbec1!lle (. Colombian TaritJ Numeral 10 12-A 16-A II) 21 22 23 24-A 24-R 44 45 47 50 50-A 50-R 52 55 56 96 96-A RECIPROCAL TRADE-COLOMBIA. SCHEDCLE I Import Duty in Colom- Produrt bian Pesos per Gross Kilo Oats and other cereals, crushed, pearled, husked, ex- cluding wheat. Under Numeral 10: Quaker Oats. 0.08 Cornstarch (Maicena). O. 15 Soda crackers and prepared breakfast cereals, such as Corn Flakes, Grape Nuts, Force, !'tc. 0.60 Fresh potatoes. Under Numeral 19: Sweet potatoes. potatoes and other edible tubers, fresh. Grains and vegetables designated in ~ umerals 18 to 20, preserved in tins, etc. Fresh fruits. Under Numeral 22: Olives, almonds, peanut", pis- tachio nuts, hazelnuts with or without shell, el1t'8t- nuts, COCOIluts, nuts shelled or unshelled. Fruits of all kinds, dried in the natural. Under Numeral 23: Drkd fruits. Chiclets or gum for chewing with a base of "perillo". Fruits preserved in their own juice, in syrup or ill liquor. Meats, different from th03c cln.ssified in Numeral:,; 46 and 47, and fish, unprepared, :o;moked, in hrine, dry, etc. Under Numeral 44: Fish, preserved in brine. Meats, different from those classified under Numerals 46 and 47, fish, preserved in oil, sauee, etc. Hams, "butifarras", sausages aI~d similar foodstuffs, even when preserved in boxes, etc. Milk, condensed, evaporated or in powder. Prepared milks for children, including those that haW' as a principal hase milk and malt: such as Hor- lick's Malted Milk, Mellen's F'ood. Note: Foods for children and for the sick with a base of flour will be classified urJdcr Numeral 13. Pure milk and cream, liquid. Hog lard. Food stuffs not specified in other parts 0; the tariff, Cocomalt, Toddy, Bosco and similar foods. Under Numeral 5.'): Prcpared 'iOUpS for the table; extracts of malt with a consistency of flyrUr (liquid, see Numeral 58; with pharmaceutical prod'lCts, see Numeral 633); fish eggs and others not designated, caviar, shellfish, lohsters, etc., preserved or alive; sauces of all kinds, and essences for seasoning. Leavenings, in powder, granulated paste (in liquid form, see NllmeraI60). Tanned hides without hair, thin and light weight, for making shoes, saddlery, and othpr uses, in thp natural state, white or colored, fltlch as divided hides, thin and light weight, of cattle and '.lOrses and those of hogs, goats, sheep, deer, dO(:;3, and other small animals, or the hides called glace, kan- garoo (box-calf) , dressed sheepskin, morocco, dressed kid, chamois (gamuza), etc., fud patent leather of any kind. The same, of calfskin. 0.05 0.30 O. 20 0.25 O. 50 O. 30 0.30 0.50 0.10 0.05 0.15 O. 15 O. 30 O. 15 2.00 1. 50