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2208 74TH CONGRESS. SESS. II . CHS. 8-10. JANUARY 17, 1936. [CHAPTER 8.] AN ACT lUlgary 17, 1938. [8.1422.) Conferring jurisdiction upon the Court of Claims to hear, determine, and render tPd••teo No••1.) judgment upon the claim of William. E . B . Grant. Be it enacted by the Senate OJnd H O'UIJe of Representat'ives of the ~E~t. United States of America in O~ss assembled, That jurisdiction ~ofcl&ims. to is hereby conferred upon the Court of Claims to hear}... determinel ~oI~PpMJillO. and render j!ldgment upon the claim of William E. B . tirant, chiet . .,. machinist, United States Navy, retired, against the United States for the recovery of amounts withheld under section 4 of the Act entitled "An Act to provide for the opening, maintenance, protec- tion, and operation of the Panama Canal, and the sanitation and government of the Canal Zone ", approved August 24t 1912, as amended, from his salary as an employee of the Isthnllan Canal Commission and the Panama Canal, from April 7, 1909, to May 3, 1917, and from November 29, 1919, to February 28, 1922, all dates inclusive. Su':e nr:lm~ by SEC. 2 . Such claim may be instituted at any time within one year ICatu 0 ons. after the enactment of this Act, notwithstanding the lapse of time ~i~r- or any statute of limitations. Proceedings for the determination of . . ., p. . such claim, and appeals from, and payment of, anv judgment thereon, shall be in the same manner as In the case of' claims over which such court has jurisdiction under section 145 of the Judicial Code, as amended. lanuary 17, 1936. (8.1600 .) [Private, No. 362 .] R. O. Andis. Credit in accounts. lanuary 17,1936. (S.2616.) (Private, No. 363.) Approved, January 17, 1936. [CHAPTER 9.) AN ACT For the relief of R. G . Andis. Be it enacted by the Senate and H ()1J.8e of Representativ(38 of the United States of America in Oongres8 assembled, That the Comp- troller General is authorized and directed to cancel the charge, In the amount of $68, entered on the accounts of R. G . Andis, former postmaster at Presho, South Dakota, by reason of his deposit of funds of the United States in the First State Bank of Presho, Presho, South Dakota, and the subsequent failure of such bank. Approved, January 17, 1936. [CHAPTER 10.1 AN ACT For the relief of the estate of Joseph Y. Fnderwood. Be it enacted by the Senate and House 0; Rep,'c8('ntatives 01 the loseph Y. Under- United State,'I 01 America in Congress assembled, That the Secre- ~:Ymenttoeststeor. tary of the Treasury be, and he hereby is, authoriz{'d and directed to pay.;.. out of any_ money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to .l(,obert C. Underwood, of Brooklyn, New York, as executor of ~he estate .of J~seph Y. Und~rwood, deceased, the ~um of $10,000, In full satisfaction of all clamlS of such estate agamst the United States arising out of services rendered by such Joseph Y. Under- wood in effecting the sale of fifteen wooden vessels in June 1919 and of eleven wooden vessels in January 1920 by the United States PrOllilo. Shipping Board to the N acirema Steamship CorI?oration: Provided, Limitation on attor· Th t a.rt f th t . td'hA. f 1lII7'S , etc., fees. a nopoeamoun approprlae mt IS ctmexcess0 10 per centum thereof shall be paid or delivered to or received by 8.llJ' agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, on account of services