Page:United States Statutes at Large Volume 49 Part 2.djvu/1966

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3972 Schedule I-Contin- ued. Number of Canadian TarUfltem ex 32611. 345 350 351 ex 362 367 388 394 400 40211. 40780 409b 409c 409d 40ge 409f 409g 409h 409i 409j RECIPROCAL TRADE-CANADA. SCHEDULE I-Continued Taril!on Goods the Growth, Prod· uoeor Manu- facture orthe United States Description of Article of America Articles of glass, not plate or sheet, designed to be cut or mounted 10 p.c. Zinc dust, strip and sheets; zinc plates for marine boilers; sal ammoniac skimmings and seamless drfl,wn tubing of zinc Free Wire of all metals and kinds, n.o.p. 30p.c. Wire, single or several, covered with any mat',"rial, includ- ing cable so covered, n.o.p. Electro-plated ware, n.o.p. Watch cases, and parts thereof, finished or unfinished Iron or steel angles, beams, channels, columns, girders, 27~ p.c; 30 p.c; 35 p.c; joists, tees, zees, and other shapes or sections, not. punched, drilled or further manufactured than hot rolled, weighing not less than 35 pounds per lineal yard, n.o. p.; piling of iron or steel, not punched or drilled, weighing not less than 35 pounds per lineal yard, including interlocking sections, if any, used therewith, n.o .p. per ton $3.00 Axles and axle bars, n.o .p., and axle blanks, and parts thereof, of iron or steel:- (b) For other vehicles, n.o.p. 30 p.c. Fittings, of iron or steel, of every description, for iron or steel pipes and tubes 27~ p.c . Woven or welded wire fencing, of iron or steel, coated or not, n.o .p .; wire cloth or wire netting, of iron or steel, coated or not 30p.c. Chains, of iron or steel, n.o .p ., and complete parts thereof 30 p.c . Cultivators, harrows, seed-drills, horse-rakes, horse-hoes, scuffiers, manure spreaders, garden seeders, weeders, and oomplete parts of all the foregoing 12% p.c _ Ploughs; farm, field, lawn or garden rollers; soil packers; oomplete parts of all the foregoing 12~ p.c . Mowmg machines, harvesters, either self-binding or with- out binders, binding attachments, reapers, harvesters in combinati<m with threshing machine separators including the motive power incorporated therein, and complete parts of all the foregoing 12% p.c . (i) Spraying and dusting machines and attachments therefor, including hand sprayers; apparaius spe- cially designed for sterilizing bulbs; pressure testing apparatus for determining maturity of fruit; pruning hooks; pruning shears; animal dehorning instru- ments; and complete pl'rts of all the foregoing 12% p.c . (ii) Fruit and vegetable grading, washing and wiping ma- chines and oombination bagging and weighing ma- chines, and complete parts therefor 5 p.c. Hay loaders, hay tedders, potato planters, potato diggers, fodder or feed cutters, ensilage cutters, grain crushers and grain or hay grinders, for farm purposes only, post hole diggers, maths, stumping machinet! and all other agri- cultural implements or ag:dcultural machinery, n.o .p ., and oomplete parts of all the foregoing 12% p.c. Incubators for hatching eggs, brooders for rearing young fowl, and complete parts of all the foregoing 121~ p.c. Hay presses and complete part!:! thereof 12% p.c . Scythes, sickles or reaping hooks, hay or straw knives, edging knives, hoes, pronged forks, rakes, n.o.p. 12~ p.c . Fanning mills; peavinersj com husking machines; thresh- ing machine separators, including wind st.ackers, baggers and self-feeders therefor; complete parts of all the foregoing 12~ p.c.