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3976 Sohedule I-Contin- ued. Number of Canadian Tarlt! Itam 503 504 505 506 520 573 578 ex 51)880 599 601 62480 654 663 ~x 711 RECIPROCAL TRADE-CANADA. SCHEDULE I-Continued Tariff on Ooodsthe Growth, ProdĀ· uoeor ManuĀ· facture of the United Statel Description of Article rough turned, and Dot tenoned, mitred or sized, and scale board for cheese Planks, boards, clapboards, laths, plain pickets and other timber or lumber of wood, not further manufactured than sawn or split, whether creosoted, vulcanized, or treated by any other preserving process, or not Planks, boards and other lumber of wood, sawn, split or cut, and dressed on one side only, but not further manu- factured Sawn boards, planks and deals planed or dressed on one or both sides, when the edges thereof are jointed or tongued and grooved Manufactures of wood, n.o.p. Raw cotton and cotton linters not further manufactured than ginned; rags and waste wholly of cotton unfit for use without further manufacture, not to include used gar- ments nor waste portions of unused fabrics Enamelled carriage, floor, shelf aLd table oilcloth, lino- leum, and cork matting or carpets Regalia, badges and belts of all kinds, n.o. p . Brass band instruments, of s. class or kind not made in Canada Hides and skins, raw, whether dry, salted, or pickled; and raw pelts Fur skins of all kinds, not dressed in any manner (i) Dolls; toys of all kinds, D.O.p . (ii) Mechanical toys of metal (iii) Juvenile construction scts of metal, cOllsisting of various stampings, punchcd, and connections therefor; parts of the foregoing Bristles, broom ('om, and hair brush pad!!! Fertilizers, compounded or manufactured, n.n.p. Rapeseed oil, blown, when for manufacturing purposes of Amerioa Free Free Free 20 p.c. 20p.c . Free 32%p.c. 30p.c. 25 p.c. Free Free 30 p.c. 30 p.c. 30 p.c. Free 7~ p.c. Free