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RECIPROCAL TRADE-CANADA. SCHEDULE II-Continued United States Tariff Act of 1930 Paragraph Description or Article 1502 1530 (b) 1541 (a) 1601 1604 1616 1641 1652 1667 1672 1681 1716 1734 1743 1756 17(jQ Ice skates and parts thereof Leather (except leather provided for in sub-para- graph (d) of paragraph 1530), made from hides or skins of cattle of the bovine species: (3) leather to be used in the manufacture of hamess or saddlerv (4) patent leather, rough, partly finished, or finished, or cut or wholly or partly manu- factured into uppers, vamps, or any forms or shapes suitable for conversion into boots, shoes, or footwear Pipe organs or pipe-organ player actions and parts thereof especially designed and constructed for in- stallation and use in a particular church, or in a particular public auditorium at which it is not customary to charge an admission fee, which are imported for that specific use, and which are so installed and used within one year from the date of importation Sulphuric acid or oil of vitriol Agricultural implements: Plows, tooth or disk har- rows, headers, harvesters, reapers, combination harvesting and threshing machines, agricultural drills and planters, mowers, horse-rakes, and cul- tivators, whether in whole or in parts, including repair parts Asbestos, unmanufactured, asbestos crudes, fibers, stucco, and sand and refuse containing not more than 15 per centum of foreign matter Calcium: Cyanamid or lime nitrogen Cobalt and cobalt ore Sodium cyanide Crude artificial abrasives, not specially provided for Furs and fur skins, not specially provided for, un- dressed: Mink, beaver, muskrat, and wolf Wood pulp: Mechanically ground and soda, un- bleached or bleached; and sulphite, bleached Nickel ore, nickel matte, and nickel oxide Plaster rock (including anhydrite) and gypsum, crude NOTE: The existing customs classification t'reat- ment of gypsum which has been broken merely for the purpose of facilitating its shipment to the United States, as "crude" in accordance with the decision of the United States Court of Customs and Patent Appeals, published as Treasury Decision 45725 (61 Treasury De- cisions 1215), shall be continued during the effective period of this a~reement. Sea herring and smelts, fresh or frozen, whether or not packed in ice, and whether or not whole Shingles of wood Provided, That the United States reserves the riJ!:ht to limit the total quantity of red cedar shingles which may be entered, or withdrawn from warehouse, for consumption, during any given half of any calendar year to a quantity not exceeding 25 per centum of the combined total of the shipments of red cedar shingles by producers in the United States and the imports of such shingles during the preceding half year. Rate of Duty 15% ad val. 10% ad val. 10% ad val. 25% ad val.


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