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2216 74TH CONGRESS. SESS. II. CRS. 31,37,38. JANUARY 24, 27, 1936. claims of Alta Melvin and her son, Tommy Melvin, both of Seattle, Washington, for dama~s resulting from mjuries received by them when the automobile m which they were riding was. struck by a United States Army truck from Fort Lawton, Washington, at the intersection of Twenty-eighth Place West and Gilman Avenue in Seattle, Washington, on June 21, 1932. ColDl11eDOelDent,etc. , SEC. 2 . Suit upon such claims may be instituted at any time within oIlUlu. one year after the enactment of thIS Act, notwithstanding the lapse u. s. c., p. 1230. of time or any statute of limitations. Proceedings for the determi- nation of such claims, and appeals from and payment of any judg- ment thereon, shall be in the same manner as in the cases of claims over which such court has jurisdiction under the provisions of paragraph twentieth of section 24 of the Judicial Code, as amended. Approved, January 24, 1936. [CHAPTER 37.] AN ACT lanU8ly~, 1936. -"=='(:7S,:",3-;ii12(~I.),":=:-;- To authorize and direct the Secretary of the Treasury to transfer certain moneys (PrIvate, No. 379.] to "Funds of Federal prisoners." Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the "Funds.. of Federal United States of AmerWa in Oongress a8semhled, That the Secretary ~::;er of certain of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to moneys to. transfer, out of any moneys in the Treasury not otherwise appro- priated, to the trust fund in the United States Treasury entitled "Funds of Federal prisoners", the sum of $685.62 which amount represents the loss sustained by said fund as a resuit of the failure of the State Savings Bank, of Leavenworth, Kansas, in which part w. I . Biddle. etc. of said fund was formerly deposited. W . I. Biddle, formerly warden Releueofliability. and special disbursing officer of the United States Penitentiary at Leavenworth, Kansas, and the sureties on his bonds as warden and special disbursing officer are hereby released from all liability on account of the loss sustained by the said fund. lanuary ~. 1936. (H. R .6137.) {PrIvate, No. 380 .] Approved, January 27, 1936. [CHAPTER 38.] AN ACT For the relief of the Otto Misch Company. Be it enaeted by the Senate and HO'UilJe of Rcpre8entati1}e.'~ of tlw p&TarmstroBot (talk) Misch Com- United States of America in Oongress assernbled, That the Secretary Payment to. of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed to pay, out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, to the Otto Misch Company, the sum of $28,000, in payment for work done by the said compally in repairing damages to the United States Marine hospital at Norfolk, Virginia, caused by hurricane and flood PrJiClliuo'i on August 22 and 23 and September 15 and 16, 1933: Provided, That .m tat on on sttor- rtftl . ted' h' A . f ney's, etc., fees. nopa 0 1e amount ap.{>roprIa 111t IS ct111excess0 10per centum thereof shall be paId or delivered to or received by any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, on account of ~rvices rendered in connection with said claim. It shan be unlawful for any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, to exact, collect, withhold, or receive any sum of the amount appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 ~r centum thereof on account of serviC('s rendered in connection WIth Penalty (or violation. said claim, any contract to the contrary notwithstanding. An" person violating the provisions of this Act shan be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved, January 27, 1936.