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CONCURRENT RESOLUTIONS OF CONGRESS. 2381 Julll, 1935. DISPOSITION OF OBSOLETE PUBLICATIONS (S. Con. Res., No. 17.1 Ruolved by the SencUe (the House oj Repruentatives concurring), That a statement of certain noncurrent and obsolete publications 1 tDIsPlJllbllitl0tni of °tblJo. . hfIf:«  fth S dH fR . eepu eaODS,ec. now m teo rooms 0 e enate an ouse 0 epresentatlves, S.tatement of pubJi· res~tively sh be prep_Bred by the Sergeant at Arms of the Senate cattODS to be prepared. and Doork~per of the House of Representatives, resJ?ectively, and submitted to the Joint Committee on Printing, which is hereby authorized to dispose of the same in the following manner: . First. A printed statement of such publications shall be submitted List of. to be sub· hS R . DI R·d C .. mltted to member· to eac enator, epresentatlve, e egate, eSI ent OmmlSSIOner, ship, etc. and officer of the Senate and House of Representatives, and any Member or officer of either House having any of such publications to his credit may dispose of the same in the usual manner at any time before September 1, 1935. Second. Upon the e~iration of the aforesaid time the Joint Com- .Members to be fur· . Prin . hf.h all b fhSe d nlShed with name and Inlttee on tmg s urms to mem ers 0 t e nate an nUl!lber remaining to House of Representatives respectively as promptly as practicable theIr credit. September " , 1. 193.5 . a list of the publications herein referred to then remaining in the folding rooms, and thereupon such publications shall be subject to the order of any Senator, Representative, Delegate, or Resident Commissioner in t.he order in which the~ are aSflied for for aceriod ~\vailable (or ensuing .' .'. thIrty days. of .thirty day's after the.da,. when such st. sh~ be furrushed 'y the . Jomt COmInlttee on Prmtmg but no application for the transfer of ~o transfers hon· I bli ' bh'd ored. t lese pu catlons may e onore . Third. The Joint Committee on Printing shall furnish a list of Remainder to be IIhbl" ... hfldin h' . turned over to depart· a suc pu lcatlons remammg m teo g room at t e explfatlon ments, omces, etc. of the last-named period to the various departments, independent offices, and establishments of the Government at Washington, including the Superintendent of Documen~ Smithsonian Institution, Library of Congress, National Archives Jljstablishment, Bureau of American RepUblics, and the Commissioners of the District of Co- lumbia z and such publications shall be turned over to any depart- ment, mdependent office, or establishment making written request therefor and shall be allocated in the order in which their application is made, and all such publications which shall remain in the folding rooms for a period of ten days after such list shall have been furnished to the departments, independent offices, or establishments aforesaid shall be delivered to the Superintendent of Documents Government Printing Office, for such disposition as he may deem to be to the best interests of the Government. Fourth. No publication which is described in the list aforesaid No )ublication to be shall thereafter be returned to the folding rooms from any source. returned. Passed, July 1, 1935. STATUE OF HANNIBAL HAMLIN July 1. 193.5 . [II. Con. Res., No. 27 .\ Resolved by the House oj Representmives (the Senate concurring), That there be trinted with illustrations, and bound, in such form and Statue of Hannibal I dirtedbhJ.C· p.' h Hamlin. stye as may e ec y t e omt OmIDlttee on rmtmg, t e ~~oceedings at uu- proceedings at the unveiling in Statuary Hall, upon the acceptance of ~~i~~. 0(. ordered the statue of Hannibal Hamlin, presented by the State of Maine, one Antf.. p. ZJ .Ij(). thousand copies1 of which two hundred shall be for the use of the Distribution. Senate and five hundred for the use of the House of Representatives, and the remaining three hundred copies shall be for the use and dis- tribution of the Senators and Representatives in Congress from the State of Maine.