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TELECOMMUNICATION CONVENTION. DECEMBER 9, 1932. 2395 Terms. § 2. The terms used in this Convention are defined in the annex to the present document. P03t, p. 2441. ARTICLE 2 Regulations § 1. The provisions of the present Convention shall be completed Regulations. by the following Regulations: the Telegraph Regulations, the Telephone Regulations, the Radio Regulations (General Regulations and Additional Regulations 1), which shall bind only the contracting governments which have under- Uovernmentsbound. taken to apply them, and solely fiS regards governments which have taken the same obligation. § 2. Only the signatories to the Convention or the adherents to this document shall be permitted to sign the Regulations or to adhere P03t, p. zm. thereto. The signing of at least one of the sets of Regulations shall be obligatory upon the signatories of the Convention. Similarly, adherence to at least one of the sets of Regulations shall be obligatory upon the adherents to the Convention. However the Additional Additional re~ula· , tions not included. Radio Regulations may not be the subject of signature or adherence except when the General Radio Regulations have been signed or adhered to. § 3. The provisions of the present Convention shall bind the con- SeopeotConventioo. tracting governments only with respect to the services governed by the Regulations to which these governments are parties. ARTICLE 3 Adherence oj Governments to the Oonvention § 1. The government of a country, in the name of which the present er~I~~:~D~ ~onTarmstroBot (talk): Convention has not been signed, may adhere to it at any time. Uon. Such adherence must cover at least one of the sets of annexed Regu- lations, subject to the application of § 2 of article 2 above. § 2. The act of adherence of a government shall be deposited in the archives of the government which received the conference of plenipotentiaries that has drawn up the present Convention. The government with which the act of adherence has been deposited shall communicate it to all the other contracting governments through diplomatic channels. § 3. Adherence shall carry with it as a matter of right, all the obligations and all the advantages stipulated by the present Con- vention; it shall, in addition, entail the obligations and advantages stipulated by the particular Regulations which the adhering govern- ments undertake to apply. I The additional radio regulations were not signed on the part of the 1'nitl'ci l'tates.