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74TH CONGRESS. SESS.1. ClIS. 107,116,117. MAY 10, 15, 1935. 2059 of that organization on the 6th day of July 1864: Provided, That no bounty, back pay, pension, or allowance shalL be held to have a~crued prior to the passage of this Act. Approved, May 10, 1935. [CHAPTER 116.] AN ACT ProviBO. No back pay, etc. To authorize the settlement of individual claims for personal property lost or Mr~.lg5i.f35. damaged, arising out of the activities of the Civilian Conservation Corps, [Privc";te,No. 3ยท7~.J- which have been approved by the Secretary of War. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Oongress assembled, That the Secretary .Oi:-; -ilianOonserva. of the Treasury be, and he is hereby, authorized and directed tOlay, tj(),~t~lTarmstroBot (talk);'t of indi- out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriate , to vlduulclmIDS. Kenneth R. Betts, Chillicothe, Ohio $14.45; Frank W. Brunner, Springfield, Illinois, $38.55; W. J . Conley, Dunsmuir, California, $99.80; H. B . Clifton, Savanna, Illinois, $60.75; Frank E. Daley, Severna Park, Maryland, $84.70; Jllfazie J. Donaldson, Oakland, California, $49.10; F. T. lI. Kelley, Thompson, Connecticut, $7.10; Meriam H. Lyter, Williamsport, Pennsylvania, $5; Robert E. Pat- naude, Deer River, Minnesota, $25; Van's Battery and Electric Com- pany, Inc., Green Bay, Wisconsin, $92.28; and EarlVV. 'Williams, Bennington, Vermont, $15.35, in full settlement for damages sus- tained by reason of the operation of the Civilian Conservation Corps in; which claims have been approved by th~ Secr.etar~ of Pro- fi:fi'~tion on attar- vzded, That no part of the amount approprIated III thIS Act III excess ney's , etc. , fees. of 10 per centum thereof shall be paid or delivered to or received by any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, on account of services rendered in connection with said claim. It shall be unlawful for any agent or agents, attorney or attorneys, to exact, collect, withhold, or receive any sum of the amount appropriated in this Act in excess of 10 per centum thereof on account of services rendered in connec- tion with said claim, any contract to the contrary notwithstanding. Any person violating the provisions of this Act shall be deemed PenaltyforviolatioIO. guilty of a misdemeanor and upon conviction thereof shall be fined in any sum not exceeding $1,000. Approved, May 15, 1935. [CHAPTER 117.] AN ACT To authorize settlement, aHo'wanco, and paymcnt of certain claims. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Rep1"eSentatives of the United States of Ame1~[C(t ,in Oongress assembled, That the Comp- X~jTarmstroBot (talk) 14:02, 19 November 2014 (UTC)mcnt of cer, troller General of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized tain, authorized. nnd directed to adjust and settle the following claims and certify thG same to Congress: (a) R. D. Jacques in the amount of $3,332.15 for damage to his fllrniture, clothing, and effects, and $6,862.50 for damage to his house; Rudolph J. Gasser, $2,841.51 for damage to his household goods, wares, merchandise, and personal belongings, these three claims being the result of an airplane accident at Chicago, Illinois, on April 30,1932, when an Army airplane piloted by Second Lieutenant Charles A. Fargo, Air Corps Reserve, on an authorized flight, crashed into tho house of Mr. Jacques, killing the pilot and his passenger and setting fire to the building in which the claimants were then living. 10401f.l "- -:;G-}JlI' 1I -- --2 R. D. Jacques.