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2062 74'1'11 CONGRESS. RESS. 1. CHS. 121-12a. llAY 15, 1935. (CHAPTER 121.1 AN ACT May 15, l00s. - -. =: : =(8:.:, '= . . :lWii7,::'] - ..;-;- -- Authorizing adjustment of the claims of Sanford A. McAlister a.nd Eliza L. (Private, No. 42 .J McAlister. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representative8 of the Sbnfvrd A. McAlj~· United States of America in Oongress assembled, That the Comp- ~,:'fiTarmstroBot (talk) 14:02, 19 November 2014 (UTC) Eli:t8 L. Me· trolle~ General of ~he United States be,. ana he is hereby, author.ized .~dju.stmeDtofcJaims and dIrected to adjust and settle the claIms of Sanford A. McAlIster 8:1';~)f.rl:r~p. 367; Yo!. and Eliza L. McAlister, for the six months' death gratuity as pro- 4"\J~ ~~., p. 272. vided under the Act o.f Deeem~er 17,.1919 (41 Stat. 367), as extended to Reserve officers flymg the an :naII, by the Act of Mareh 27. 19:34 (48 Stat. 508), in connection with the death, April 5, 19:H, of John Leland McAlister, late second lieutenant, Air Corps Resene. and to allow in full and final settlement of said claims an amount not in excess of $50G.25 to each claimant, payable under the appropria- tion available for payment of the six months' death gratuity in the case of Air Corps Reserve officers under the Act of March 27, 19:34. -' fay 15, 193. ,. [S.I03I1.] [fr;\·:;te, No. 4:i.J Approved, May 15, 1935. [CHAPTER 122.1 A~ ACT Authorizing adjustment of the claim of the Wcst India Oil Company. Be it enacted by tlte Senate and HOll,se of Repre8entatives of W~~t Iudia Oil Com- the United States of America in Congress assemhled, That the P:~~Xju~trueDt cf I'laim Comptroller General of the United States be, and he is hereby. m:thoriu'd. a uthorized and directed to settle and adjust the claim of the W" est India Oil Company, for the rescue at sea of Privates Solomon H. Churchill and John J. Callahan~ members of Battery B, First Coast Artillery, Fort Randolph, Canal Zone, and to allow, in full and final settlement of said claim. an amount not in excess of $123.33. An appropriation of $123:33, or so much thereof a~ lllay be necessary, is hereby made from any funds in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated for payment of the claim. Approved, 11ay 15, 1935. [CHAPTER 123.] A;'; ACT

'.IhY 15, 1935.

IH. 10M .) IPriVAI". "<';-. ;=-'- 0'-. 4:74.' 7 "J- Authorizing adjustment of the daim of Sehlltte and Koerting Company. Be it enacted by tlte Senate and DOUise of Representatives of tlte .~d;llttl> ~nd Koer- United States of America in Congress aRNell/bled, That the Comp- tll~djlTarmstroBot (talk) 14:02, 19 November 2014 (UTC):~gr~r ('!aim troller General of the United States be, and he is hereby, authorized


and directed to adju~t and ~l'ttIe the claim of Sdmtte and Koerting Compa.ny. under contract NOs-2018, dated December 27. 192G, for certain experimental work in the manllfaeture of vulws for sub- marines, and to allow not to (>x(,el'(l $7,337.10 in full and final sl'ttle- ment of said claim. There is hereby appropriated, ont. of any money in the Treasury not ot11l'l'wise uppropriated~ the sl1m of $·i~:~37.10. or so ,much thereof as may be llceeSSUl'Y, for paYlllPnt of said claim: P:ri' . . Promdf'cZ, That no part of the amount appropriated in this .Ad in Llml'"l](,1l on attllr- f10 t tI f1IIb .I 1I' 1 11[:;·... ~!( .. ("3. excess 0 per C(,BUIll wreo - S la e pal( or (e lyen'( to or recciyed by any agent or agents, attol'lwy or attorneys, on account of sP!Tices rcndered in cOJllwetion with saiel daiul. It shall be unlaw- ful for any a~ent or a~ent;-;. attoI'Ill'v or uttornpvs, to pxaet. coIled withholu, or l'('cein any :-Ulll of the t;lllOUIlt appropriated in this Act