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2960 CONVENTION-NATIONALITY OF 'VOMEN. DECEMBER 26, 1933. Who, after having exhibited their Full PO\vers, which were found in good and due form, have agreed upon the following: ARTICLE 1 Sex equality as re- There shall be no distinction based on sex as regards nationality, gards nationality. in their legislation or in their practice. ARTICLE 2 Ratification. The present convention shall be ratified by the High Contracting Parties in conformity with their respective constitutional procedures. '1'he Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Uruguay shall transmit authentic certified copies to the governments for the afore- Deposit of. mentioned purpose of ratification. The instrument of ratification shall be deposited in the archives of the Pan American Union in Notice to signatories. Washington, which shall notify the signatory governments of said deposit. Such notification shall be considered as an exchange of ratifications. Effect. Duration: Adherence, etc., by nonsignatories. Signatures. Reservations, etc., by Honduras. ARTICLE 3 The present conycntion will enter into force between the High Contracting Parties in the order in which they deposit their respec- tive ratifications. AWI'ICLE 4 The present convention shall remain in force indefinitely but may be denounced by means of one year's notice given to the Pan American Union, which shall transmit it to the other signatory goYernments. After the expiration of this period the convention shull cease in its effects as regards the party which denounces but shall remain in effect for the remaining High Contracting Parties. ARTICLE 5 The present convention shall be open for the adherence and acces- sion of the States which are not signatories. The corresponding instruments shall be deposited in the archiyes of the Pan American Union which shall communicate them to the other High Contracting Parties. In witness whereof, the following Plenipotentiaries have signed this convention in Spanish, English, Portuguese and French and 11('1'0- unto affix their respective seuls in the city of :Montevideo, Republic of Uruguay, this 26th day of December, 1933. IIond1lras The Dele~ation of Honduras adheres to the Convention on Equality of NationalIty, with the reservations and limitations which the Con- stitution and laws of our country determine. 1\1. PAZ BARAONA. -AUGUSTO C. COELLO. -L UIS BOGHAN. United States oj America: uTarmstroBot (talk)eJt~t~~f1m~;' The ~elegation of t!le U,nited States of America, in signing the ica. ConventIOn on t.he NatlOnahty of "Vomen makes the reservation that the agreement on the part of the United Stutes is, of course and of necessity, subject to congressional action. ALEXANDER W. 'VEDDELL.- J. BUTLER 'YHIGIIT.