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82 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. S1:ss.I. Ch. 270. 1836, each year, by postmasters, out of the proceeds of their offices; towards the expenses of the Department, under each of the heads of the said expenses specified in the second section of this act; upon which the Postmaster General shall issue warrants to the Treasurer of the United States, as in case of the receipt and payment of the said moneys into and out of the Treasury, in order' that the same may be carried to the credit and debit of the appropriation for the service of the Post Office Depzgtment, on the books of the auditor for said Department. Duplicates of See. 11. And be it further enacted, That the Postmaster Genera] °°“"°°"· &‘°· shall, within sixty days after the making of any contract, cause a dnp]3. cate thereof to be lodged in the office of the auditor of the Post Office Department. Upon the death, resignation, or removal of any postmaster, he shall cause his bond of office to be delivered to the said auditor; and shall also cause to be promptly certified to him all establishments and discontinuances of post offices, and all appointments, deaths, resignations, and removals of postmasters, together with all orders and regulations which may originate a claim, or in any manner affect the accounts of the Department. h Aw,,,,:,,,,? OHSec. And be alpurgfhelc enacted, Tlhat the accounts of the Post aww e ept. ce epartment s e e t in suc manner as to exhibit the amounts of its revenues, derived respectively from "letter postages," " newspapers and pamphlets," and " fines ;" and the amount of its expenditures for each of the following objects, namely: "compensation of postmasters," "transportation of the mails," " ship, steamboat, and way letters," " wrapping pa er," "oflice furniture," " advertising," " mail bags," " blanks, mail lhcks, keys, and stamps," " mail depredations and special agents," " clerks for offices," and " miscellaneous." Bond, and Sec. 13. And be it further enacted, That the bondsand contracts of contracts with postmasters mail contractors, and other agents of the Post Office Deg‘;,g,”"::d an partment, shall hereafter be made to and with the United States of mm, ig i,, ,r·}a1per1ca;dandball suits to be commenced for the recovery of debts or name. ances ue y ostmasters an others or u on bonds or c tr mad? to or wigh thb present or any formdr Posilmaster Generalimorafdj any nes, en ties or forfeitures, imposed b th laws ' Post OfficePDepartment, or by the Poslfmaster Deniral, puighhhifztfhgrdtlhi shall be instituted in the name of the United States of America; and the demands m such suits shall have all the privileges and priorities in v adjudication and payment secured to other claims of the United States, Pmvisu. pyc:e la:s;hPr0vided,iT3]at zictions and grits wahich may have e name o e ostmaster en r r ` éhpztpslssage of this act, shall not be affected by the piovisibnhvldgdhih Auditorto su, Sec. 14. And be it further enacted, That the auditor for the Post p:;§:r;r:_d¢;l;s Office Department shall superintend the collection of all debts due to · :lgpSDieparftp5¢;pt, pad salipenaplties and forfeitures imposed on postmas- » om ereurns or a v ‘ offices; he shall direct suits and legal Iprhczedinglsi aliidmtezizlild dll gpézlsgggzszggayoliplglighprined by law, to enforce the prompt payment ar men . . . Sec. 15. And be it rther enacted Th ' p;€§%i·i£i£:;iy {Sturt; of pfos,thmaste3s,`hhd of any papers pddtaiiiiiigstooilhdhscgdlhriigrih mums, ¤. to e office o- e an itor for the Post Office Dc artment, certified b \£c';’“d°“°°· him under his seal of office, shall be admitted as Evidence in the coun; of the United States ;· and in every case of delinquency of any postrplaaster or contractor, m which suit may be brought, the said auditor s l forward to the attorney of the United States certified copies of all papers m his office, tending to sustain the claim; and in every such page, a statement of the account, certified as aforesaid, shall be admite as evidence; and the court trying the cause shall be thereupon au-