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90 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch.2'71. 1836. APP¤>Pfi¤¤i¤¤ Sec. 45. And be it further enacted, That the sum of three millions f" lS3G· (me hundred and fifty thousand dollurs be, and the same is hereby appropriated for the service of the Post Office Department for the year commencing on the first day of July one thousand eight hundred and thirty-six, out of any moneys in the Treasury, arising from the revenues of the said Department, to be accounted for in the manner pointed out in the second section of this act. Act to go gmc Sec. 46. And be it further emzcled, That this act shall be in fbrcg immediate and take effect from tHe passage ther:-:0£ °m°°°‘ A1=r1z0v1~:1>, July 2, 1836. STATUTE I. ··········· j_“lY 2»1836» CHAP. CCLXXI.-.071 det in establish certain. past roads, and to alter and diggm. tinue oihcrs, and fm- other purposes. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House {Representatives of the United

 of Ayrieriag in Congress assembled, T hat the following be estab-

_ 1 as pos TOZ1 s· _ In Mum- In Maine.—From Liuc0Inville to Islesborough. From Wilton, through Weld mtd Byron, to Andover. From Topeham, through Lisbon, by Little R1ver vxllage and Mayalls Factory village, to Lewistown falls. From Dennysville, through Charlotte, Cooper, atnd Baring, to Calais. From Saou, by Salrpon falls, Bar mills, Moderation falls, Bonny Eagle g1tl1§,I3> Izztst Bagdwgt. . From Wgyue, viltage,. by Norris ferry, Isaac lf1C tau s, an W 1H1am H. Britton s, m Livermore, to Hayford’s mills, m Canton, and Peru, to East Rumford. From Brunswick to Harpswell. From Portland, by Falmouth Centre, Cumberland, Upper gzugmouth, Igewkglaiucietcr, East Poland, Minot, West Minot, East e ron, to uc e vi age. From Calais, through Baleyville and gékqsego?5 tevlilczlultoni) Ftolgn Gardiner, through Pittston, Hallowell, 1 e e , m sor, atrxc stown, Washincrton, Liberty, Appleton, Searsmcmt, and Belmont, to Belfast. From iortland, through Cumberland Centre, POWH3l,·DUfhHm, Lisbon, Wales, and Winthrop, to Ilgggflrgig. thFr0mhV¥Jaterv1;Ie, by (3111:3, to Palegno. From North New , mug exing on, to ea river. rom Vinalhaven to Isle of Haute. From Portland, through Stroudwater village, and Buxton, is Sallie; falls. From Tlzomaston, via Cushing, to Friendship. From Fist Domaiitou tc31O?*1sB}]ead.k)From Thomaston to Viualhaven.

  • 0m eug y’s a s or erwie to Great Falls New Hampshire.

gromgrunswnck, by South Durham: Southwest Betxd, GOH"s corner, ast mot, and Eagt Turner, to Turner. From "Warren, by Jefferz>;;t;1;1c;I£Ti0§§:1;lV1;1{tqHeId, $0 Xzlguiuita. 5mm Bgadison, by Madison _ · son, 0 es ew meyar . sh{;}`1°"’H‘*mP Hln New Hampshzrc.—Fr0m Guilford, through Meredith, tu New Hampton. From Hebron, through Alexandria, to Bristol. From P xllsboro bridge, through the south part of Antrim, and Hancock, to Tetgrboro. From South Deerfield to Pittsfield. From Ossipee to Shlgrgenbggn 51*011; €fot¢g11,é\4;ssachEsetts, to Dunstable, New Hamp- -· uns a e, , Elawke, and Kingston, to gxeteri N; fE;;;ggi£? %£; §;;;€; EY Pazimptoré {gis, to Hampton beach. From Dover, by Durham, Lee, Lppd g, an ester, to Derry. From Lebanon, by Springfield, New Non sx}; and Sutton, to Warnxer. From Hillsborough bridge, by Antrim, b tgt zamch, Stoddard, and Sullivan, to Keene. From Hillsborough rIfLf§;;bOgm§;uthd1;ntt11n artd Hancock, to Peterborough. From Wat b ,3 an SSlpp€€, m New Hampshire, N ewiield, Limerick, brid e; iroxgthagd Buxton, to Portland, in Maine. From Hillsborough mn gina y IFS orough centre, Brztdford centre, and Sutton, to Sut- Ipswich~ge.FrOn;·]01§1N€t1r§£;:st, tty lgxlford, Wilton and Mason, to New Claremont to Cornish Hm u, vxa cndonderry, to Hooksett. From