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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Rus. 7,8, 9. 1836. 133 Ne, 7. A Resolution providing for the distribution of weights and measures. June 14, 1836. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives if the United Acompleteset States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of the °f§“°h “'°'gh'° Treasury be, and he hereby is directed to cause a complete set of all Z; igzsgggsfgj the weights and measures adopted as standards, and now either made or custom-houses in the progress of manufacture for the use of the several custom—houses, :° be sgivgmd and for other purposes, to be delivered to the Governor of each State in 0 cac a °' the Union, or such person as he may appoint, for the use of the States respectively, to the end that an uniform standard of weights and measures may be established throughout the United States. APPROVED, June 14, 1836. N0. 8. J Resolution to furnish the Rctu/ndo with paintings. June 23, 1836. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Contract to be States of America in Congress assembled, That a. joint committee be g'?:;’."'°h f°“’ . . . . ncan artappointed to contract with one or more competent American artists for ,,_,,_ the execution of four historical pictures upon subjects serving to illustrate the discovery of America; the settlement of the United States; the history of the Revolution; or of the adoption of the Constitution; to be placed in the vacant pannels of the Rotundo; the subjects to be left to the choice of the artists under the control of the committee. Approved, June 23, 1836. No. 9. ./2 Resolution referring the petition and papers of the heirs of Robert Jun:-:23, 1836. Fulton, deceased, to the Secretary of the Navy, to report thereon to Congress. ‘·····_""‘·"‘ Resolved by the Senate and House ¢y" Representatives of the United Money, www States of America in Congress assembled, That the petition and papers Rohm Fulton of the heirs of Robert Fulton, be referred to the Secretary of the Navy, *9 b¤ éebiwd *0 to state an account between the United States and said heirs, by debiting hm hm' them with all the moneys paid to the said Robert Fulton, and not settled on the books of the Treasury Department. Second. To credit the said heirs with all moneys advanced or ex- Mcneys expended by the said Fulton, in and about the business of the United l!°¤d°dl{¥R·F- States committed to his care or about which he had an a enc . °r tm ·S' t° » » g Y be credited. Third. To credit the said heirs a compensation commensurate with A compmsm the value and importance of the services rendered by the said Robert tion commensu- Fulton, to the United States, in inventing a system of coast and harbor mf W*;*L}h° defence, and in testing its utility so far as he was employed or engaged h,§,?,’QS` to render such services by the authorities of the United States, or when defence to be such services were recognised as having been rendered for the United °u°W°d· States, previous to, or during, the late war with Great Britain. Fourth. To credit the said heirs with the like compensation, for the Compensation Services of the said Robert Fulton, for inventing and in superintending f°'d'°'°“'!”€ the construction of a steam frigate, at New York, during and alter ilgmfgglyirtggm said war. frigato. Fzfth. To credit the said heirs with a just and equitable compensa- Allowance m tion, for the detention of the steam-boat Vesuvius, at New Orleans, b°*l*¤d°{°Ld°‘ from the thirtieth of December, eighteen hundred and fourteen, to the Ugslsyilfg t ° twelfth of March, eighteen hundred and fifteen, both days inclusive, being the time the said bpat remained aground by reason of her being impressed into the service of the United States, and grounded when in said service. Sec. 2. Be it further resolved, That the said Secretary of the Navy Secretary of be authorized to take such further testimony as he shall think necessary, NNY m¤Y,¥¤k° and that he ascertain what defence was made to the suit in favor of the United States, against the representatives of Roberliw Fulton in the tohsuitinfuvor