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l38 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess.Il. 011.3. 1837. Dollars, Sw., And that dollars, half dollars, and quarter dollars, dimes, and half SMU be i¢8¤l dimes, shall be legal tenders of payment, according to their nomim;] mmm' &'°' value, for any sums whatever. Weighsofgold Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That of {hc gold coins, the ¤¤;;ém M weighs, of sho eagle shall be two hundred and fiftyjcnght grains; that of Shaube A leg;] the half eagle one hundred and twenty-nmo grams; and ma: of the zendm-,&c. quarter eagle sixty-four and one-half grams. And that for all sums whatever, the eagle shall be a legal tender of payment for ton dollars; the half eagle for five dollars; and the quarter eagle for two and a half dollars. Silver coins Sec. 11. And be it further enacted, That the silver coins heretofore

;g*°f:;$ gid issued at the mint of tho United States, ang! the gold coins issued since

mm; issued the thxrtyifirst day of July, one thousand cxght hundred and t}nrty-fom·, since sm July, shall continue to be legal tenders of payment for their nominal values, £&g¤l*;g£‘;¤;i on the same terms as if they were of the coinage provided for by this act. wéhtofcop- Sec. 12. And be ii! further enacted, That of the copper coins, the P"` °°*¤°· weight of the cent shall be one hundred and sixty-eight grains, and the weight of the haliiccnt eighty-four grains. And tho cent shall be con- Pm mmm sidered of the value of ono hundredth pmt of a dollar, and the halxioom Yam 0,Y,?d,,;;,,,_ of the value of onc two-hundredth part of :1 dollar.

Sec. 13. And be ztfurther onacted,  That upon the coms struck at the

Device, and mmt there shall be the following devwcs and legends: upon one side lcgeudsof coins. of each of said coins there shall be an impression cmblomatic of liberty, with an inscription of the word Lmmvmz, and the year of the coinage; and upon the reverse of cach of the gold and silver coins, there shall bo the figure or representation of an eagle, with the inscription United States of America, and a designation of the value of the coin; but on the reverse of the dime and half dime, cent and half cent, the iigurc of the eagle shall be omitted.

£oldGn<lsi!- Sec. 14. And oe it furlther enacted, That  gold and silver bullion

hong}; for brought to the mmt for comugo, shall be received and coined, by tho wgwg, ,3,,;] be proper officcrs, for the benefit of the doposxtorz Provided, That it shall M93W6d ¤¤d be lawful to refuse, at tho mint, any deposito of less value than one °°}§‘fg;iS0 hundred dollars, and any bullion so base as to· be unsuitable for the

Fu;·(;hg;· pm. operations of the mint; And provided also, That when gold and silver

WM- are combined, if either of these metals be in such small proportion that It cannot be separated advantageously, no allowance shall be made to

 the depositor for the value of such motal.

.R°°°;Pt *° lm S20. 15. And be it further enacted That when bullion is brought to EQE °r buh the mint for coinage, it shall be weighed by the treasurer, in the pre-

 sence of the doposilont, when practicable, and a receipt given which

PWM- shall state thodcsoriptxon and weight of the bullion: Provided, That when the bullion is m such a state as to require melting before its value can be ascertained, the weight after melting shall be considered as the

 true weight of the bullion deposited.

XBSIQJTOU @¤p¤- Suc. 16. And bc, it ;9¢rt}m2· enacted, That from every parcel of bulfffbz ‘;‘;;‘;;§° hon deposited for coinage, tho treasurer shall deliver to tho assaycr a sufdciom portion for the purpose of being assayed; but all such bullion remaining from the operations of the assay shall be returned to the treasurer by tho assaycr. p£:’i§g*;$i{;· Sec. 17. And be it jixrthm- enacted, That tho assayor shall report &c_to the treasurer the quality or standard of tho bullion assayed by him; and he shall also communicate to tho treasurer such information as will enable him to cstxmato the amount of tho charges hcroinaiicr provided for, ho be made to the dopositor, for the expenses of converting the bulh(?}E¤¥E¤ d *¤ hon mto standard metal fit for coinage. $:0: islszbfelx: Sec. IQ. And be it farther enacted, That tho only subjects of charge ed. by the mm: to the deposxtor shall be the following: For refining when