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TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Ssss.H. Ch. 9. 1837. 145 and Legislative Council of the Territory of Florida, approved the four- Y0 locate and teenth of February, anno Domini eighteen hundred and thirty-five, be, °°“j““°' °‘”‘1` and they hereby are, authorized to locate and construct a rail-road on ;:;,,Q;,,;"§Q the the following route, to wit: commencing on the St. .lohn’s river and SL £l¤h¤'¤ thence in the most convenient and suitable direction to Tallahassee or "'°'· &°‘ the waters of St. Mark’s river or bay, on the Gulf of Mexico, or to any other point east of or between the St. Mark’s and Appalachicola rivers, which may be selected by said company. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said company is further May pass omauthorized, wherever said route shall pass over the public lands of the the public United States, to locate the same thereon, eighty feet wide; which said l‘*“dS· location, if made according to the true intent and meaning of this act, shall be enjoyed by said company so long as they maintain the said road for the public accommodation. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the said company shall have Timber, &.c., the right to take from the said public lands, timber, stone, and earth, mw be uwlwhenever it may be convenient for the construction of any part of said way running through the same; also to deposite and leave such materials upon such lands, whenever it may be necessary; also, to cut drains, where necessary, through the same; and during the period of the construction of said way, to occupy said lands along said route, doing as little injury thereto as may be. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That to entitle the said company Conditions ,0 to the enjoyment of the privileges herein provided for, they shall comply be complied with the following conditions, to wit: with bY **1 First, They shall cause the said route, whenever it passes over the °°mPanY‘ public lands, to be surveyed, and the location of the way to be accurately delineated in their proper connexion, and a map thereof, and a copy of the locations, to be returned and deposited in the General Land Oiiice, within six months from the date of the final location of the said road. Second, They shall cause permanent monuments to be erected along said route, conforming to such locations and maps, defining the limits of the way. Third, Wherever the said rail-way shall intersect a. highway or travelled way on the public lands, that way or ways shall be leit unobstructed. Fourth, Wherever it shall cross a stream or low grounds, such provision shall be made for draining off the Water as to leave the said public lands uninjured by said rail-way. F {fth, They shall complete the said way within the time provided for in the act of incorporation. Sixth, Said location of said way shall be considered and treated as open way, and be kept up as such, and the lands abutting thereon shall be considered as abutting upon a public way. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That the sections and quarter pubucpmdsm sections of public lands over which the said road may pass, shall be be reserved by reserved by the United States for two years after the final location of ‘h° U· S·- &°· the said way; and to this end the said company shall, as soon as they have resolved to survey or examine any route, give notice to the register Notioo to bg of the land district in which the lands may be over which they intend given by the to pass; and when the final location is made, a further notice of that :g;':gg;'g'bggur_ fact shall be given, in like manner, of the lands over which it actually vcygd’ &,o_ passes, which said last mentioned lands shall be reserved as aforesaid from sale: Provided, That neither the said company nor any other proviso, person shall be authorized to settle on the said reserved sections or quarter sections; and no person so settling shall acquire thereby a preemptive right or claim to the said reserved lands, or to any part thereof; Vox., V.—19 N