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176 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 34. 1837. Q compensation exceeds one thousand dollars, an addition of ten per cent. thereto; and twenty per cent. in addition to the salaries of messengers and assistant messengers employed in the respective offices, and the library of Congress; the amount of increase of compensation provided for in this section, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not p,,,,;,,, otherwise appropriated, Provided, That nothing in this section shall bg so construed as to aiiect the salaries of any clerl<s whose salaries have been fixed by any law of the last or present session of Congress, Pro- Further pro- vided, That no further extra allowance be given for any extra service

  • i¤<>· performed by them under any law or resolution of Congress.

Approved, March 3, 1837. Struura II. U 3, 1837, C1-rn. XXXIV.-·•/gl Jctmjplemeniary to the act entailed "An act to amend th;

 judicial system of lim United States. (41)

A f A ° . . 29,(iU02, g1. Be it enacted, by the Senate and House ty' Representatwes of the United S¤¤¥¤m¤ _ States tf America in Congress assembled, That the Supreme Court; of Ef°:m‘;,??,:'5°° the United States shall hereafter consist of a chief justice, and eight mice and eign; associate judges, any five of whom shall constitute a quorum; and for

  • ?”°°i¤“* this purpose there shall be appointed two additional justices of said

"X}5°§{ $:::21 court, with the like powers, and to take the same oaths, perform the 1829,ch. 12. i Same duties, and be entitled to the same salary, as thelother associate judies. Hereafter, the districts of Vermont, Connecticut, and New 2d ,3,,,,,;, Yor , shall constitute the second circuit; the district of New Jersey, the eastern and western districts of Pennsylvania, shall constitute the gd c,,,,,,,, third circuit; the district of Maryland and the district of Delaware 4,], ,,,,.,,,,,,_ shall constitute the fourth circuit; the districts of Virginia and the dis- 5,,, 0;,,,,,;, trict of North Carolina shall constitute the fifth circuit; the districts 5,;, maui; of South Carolina and Georgia shall constitute the sixth circuit ; the districts of Ohio, Indiana, Illinois and Michigan, shall constitute the 7th circuit. seventh circuit; and the circuit courts shall be held at Columbus, in the Ohio district, on the third Mondays in May, and December; at Detroit, in the Michigan district, on the fourth Monday in June; at Indianapolis, in the Indiana district, on the first Monday in December; at Vandalia, in the Illinois district, on the last Monday in November, in each year; the districts of Kentucky, east and west Tennessee, and 3;,}, gimuig, Missouri, shall form and be called the eighth circuit; and the districts (ol By "an act concerning the Supreme Coun of the United States," June 17, 1844, chap. 96, the sessions of the Supreme Court were directed to commence in December in each year. By the second section of the act, the Justices of the Supreme Court were only required to hold one term of the Circuit Court each year. The Justices of the Supreme Court may attend at any of the terms. An get gcéggolislh thegircuit Court at Huntsville, in the state of Alabama, and for other purposes, February , c ap. . Anaci_to require the Judge of the District Court of east and west Tennessee to hold a. court at Jackson, in the said state, June 18, 1838, chap. 118. . An act to amend an act entitled "An act to require the Judge of the District Court of east and west Tennessee to hold a oourt at Jackson in the said state," approved June eighteenth, one thousand eight hundred and thirty-eight, Jan. 18, 1839, chap. 3. 18g5a alot toggorganize the District Courts of the United States in the state of Alabama, February 6, c ap. . Ati act to amend " an act to reorganize the District Courts of the United States in the state of Missiseippi," approved June 18, 1839, chap. 27. An act to amend the act of the third of March 1837, entitled "an act sup lementary to the act to amend the judicial system of the United States" and for other purposes, Marclh 3, 1839, chap. 81. hAn éct in addition to the acts respecting the judicial system of the United States, July 4, 1840, c ap. . An act to amend the act approved May 13, 1800, entitled an act to amend an act entitled an act to establish the judicial courts 0 the United States, July 20, 1840, cha . 47. An act changing the time of holdin the courts at Clarksburg and at Wheeling in the western district og Virginia, and the Circuit Court ogthe United States for the district of Arkansas, March 4, 1844, c ep. . _ An act to change thetime of holding the Spring term of the District Court of the United States for the eastern distr1ctofV1rgin1a, and of the Circuit Court of Alabama, April 12, 1844. chap. 12. An not to change the time of holding the Federal Courts in Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, Georgie, Alabama and Lousiana, March 1, 1845, chap. 39.