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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. SEss.IT. Ch.85,88. 1838. 229 Sruun II. Cmp, LXXXV.—An dot suppbzmentary I0 the act entitled **An att concerning May 25 h33S_ the District tf CuIumbia." Whereas the present Judge of the Orphan’s Court, in and for the county Preainble. l of Washington, in the District of Columbia, is, by reason of age and infirmity, disqualified for the due and proper discharge of the duties of his office; Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United _ Arr addiricnul States of America in Congress assembled, That, there shall be ap- ·l‘;‘l§f€§°,:f3]l;' pointed in and for the county of Washington, an additional Judge of 12),, ;,m,s·(;m,,; the Orphan’s Court, who shall take an oath for the faithful and impar- ¤{ €V¤Shl¤El~0|\S tial discharge of the duties of his office; and who shall have the same he p""'"’· powers, perform the same duties and receive the same salary, as are exercised, performed and received by the present Judge of the said Orphan’s Court. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That during the life or eontinu- The pgyvcyg of ance in office of the present Judge of the said Orphan’s Court, the ¤l}¤ 0¥r>h¤¤¤’ powers of the said Orplmn’s Court shall be vested in the said two Judges 2;*:;:,* h°A‘YR€r jointly, or may be exercised by the said additional Judge separately, as the death. &c. provided in the foregoing section; and that after the death or resigna- pl mv r>¤·¤¤¤¤ tion of the present Judge, the said Orphan’s Court shall consist of a single Judge as heretofore. judge. Am-aovzn, May 25, 1838. $‘u·.urv·rs II. CHAP. LXXXVIII.—uq1! Act to mvlerzd the charter of llhe Union Bank of George- May 25. 1838. {Own, 171 (ILE DLSITLCI of Culumbzu, (41) Whereas, it appears that an extension of the charter of the Union Bank Pmnpmle. _ of Georgetown beyond the first day of July, eighteen hundred and ;`£,°;hA;'§·§‘§· thirty-eight, together with some amendment thereof, is necessary to 1840; ch: wf ` enable the said corporation the better to close its concerns, redeem its obligations, and collect its debts; and the extension and amendment as aforesaid have been asked by the said corporation for the purposes above specified and for none other: Now therefore, Be it enacted by the Senate and H vuse if Representatives of the United States of Anwrica, in Congress assembled, That the charter of the said Charter of the corporation be extended until the first of July, eighteen hundred and °f forty-two, so as further to grant, continue, and reassure to said corpora- cx,€,5iQ,d m ,;,8 tion the rights and privileges thereof, upon the conditions and with the lst July 1842. limitations in said charter specified, and with certain exceptions and other conditions and limitations hereiriaftcr to be named, until the day and year last mentioned. Size. 2. And In- ifjhrtkcr enacted, That on the first Monday in April Number OHL next, and thereafter, the number of directors of the Union Bank shall renters reduced. be reduced to four, together with a president, to be elected as now provided hy the charter of said bank, any one of which directors, together with the president, shall constitute a board to do the business of the bank. Sec. 3. And be it jhzrtbcr enacted, That the president and directors Th .d nt of said bank may call a meeting of the stockholders of said bank, in and $i,l:;El,S° such manner as shall be prescribed by the laws and ordinances of said may call u corporation, and at such time as they may select, for the purpose of $;:L'£§,g;:£&r electing a trustee or trustees, (not exceeding three,? to whom shall be me dmion Oh granted, until the first of July, eighteen hundred are forty-two, (should trustee or misa majority of the votes present so decide,) the management of the cou- *°°$· &°· cerns of said bank, together with the powers relating thereto, as fully and with the same limitations, together with others hereinafter to be (a) Sec notes to the act Bf May 31, 1838Uchap. 91.