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238 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Cir. 96. 1838,

aid Territory annually, and they shall hold their offices during the term

of four years. The said Territory shall be divided into three judicial Dimi,,,,,,,,,,,,_ districts; and a district court or courts shall be held in each of the three districts, by one of the of the supreme court, at such times and places as may be prescribed by law; and the said judges shall, after their appointment, respectively, reside in the districts which shall be ],,,,,d,c,,,,,, assigned to them. The jurisdiction of the several courts herein pm. of the several vided for, both appellate and Oflglfla-l, Bild tht1Q of the Pfvbitte courts, °°°’*°· md of the justices of the peace, shall be as limited bylaw: Provided, Proviso. however, That justices of the peace shall not have jurisdiction of any matter of controversy, when the title or boundaries of land may be in dispute, or where the debt or sum claimed exceeds fifty dollars. And the said supreme and district courts, respectively, shall possess a chan. cery as well as common law jurisdiction. Each district court shall appoint its clerk, who shall keep his office at the place where the court may be held, and the said clerks shall also be registers in chancery ; and any vacancy in said office of clerk happening in the vacation of said court, may be filled by the judge of said district, which appointment shall continue rmtil the next term of said court. And writs of error, bills of exception, and appeals in chancery causes, shall be allowed in all cases, fiom the final decisions of the said district courts to the supreme court under such regulations as may be prescribed by law; but in no case removed to the supreme court shall trial by jury be allowed in said court. The supreme court may appoint its own clerk, and every clerk shall hold his office at the pleasure of the court by which he shall have been appointed. And writs of error and appeals from the final decision of the said supreme court shall be allowed and taken to the Supreme Court of the United States, in the same manner and under the same regulations as from the circuit courts of the United States, where the value of the property, or the amount in controversy, to be ascertained by the oath or affirmation of either party, shall exceed one thousand dollars. And each of the said district courts shall have and exercise the same jurisdiction in all cases arising under the constitution and laws of the United States, as is vested in the circuit and district courts of the United States. And the first six days of every term of the said courts, or so much thereof as shall be necessary, shall be appropriated to the trial of causes arising under the said constitution and laws. And writs of error and appeals from the final decisions of the said courts, in all such cases, shall be made to the supreme court of the Territory, in the same manner as in other cases. The said clerks shall receive in all such cases, the same fees which the clerk of the district courts of Wisconsin Territory now receives for similar services. An nunrneyto Sec. 10. And be it further enacted, That there shall be an attorney be appointed for for the said Territory appointed, who shall continue in office four years, i YE:?? he unless sooner removed by the President, and who shall receive the same ’fees and salary as the attorney of the United States, for the present Ter- Amuglml to ritory of Wisconsin. There shall also be a marshal for the Territory £;’u:l;P:a‘f;$d,f;’ appointed, who shall hold his office for four years, unless sooner removed dmg,,,{,8§,&,,_ by the President, who shall execute all process issuing from the said courts when exercising their jurisdiction as circuit and district courts of the United States. He shall perform the same duties, be subject to the same regulations and penalties, and be entitled to the same fees, as the marshal of the district court of the United States for the present Territory of Wisconsin; and shall, in addition, be paid the sum of two hundred dollars annually, as a compensation for extra services. Omcus to be SEC: Il, And be it further enacted, That the Governor, secretary, aapoimsd by chtet justice, and associate judges, attorney and marshal, shall be t p President, nominated, and by and with the advice and consent of the senate, ap- '"'ll *h° ¤<lV*°° pointed by the President of the United States. The Governor and