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240 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Ssss. II. Ch. 96. 1838 Assembly thereof to defray the expenses of t' · · - at the seat of Government. erm mg Public *’“*‘d1¤s¤ Dle S .14.Andb'¢ nh d Hrgggiggélr; Repigsentatives ostheflllnitdll gbl; toggxeafdslslialirih getgguse of Q_ how elecfod; may be elected by the voters qualified to elect members of the Lg q21m, &.e. five Assembly, who shall be entitled to the same rights and priviltl a- an have been granted to the delegates from the several Territories of Ilia United States,to the said House of Representatives. The first elect' 8 Epglyulge lsselglgtguol; time a}p8<luplace_ox;p1a§e;sl, and be conducted in srl2E ov rnor s ap m ant. Th · the greatest number of votes shgll be declarlddcby the Iibibiiibrhiblbg dluly elected, and a certificate thereof shall be given to the person sg ecte Suits, Sw. uu- Sec. 15. And be it further enacted That all suits r ' • . . . 3 3 gsrtyppnsélxprpn lcrgediéigsb and ylndretmfergtsl and mfdrmtpltions, which Ehdhabse ilirrfielll; d" __ g- me on e rr ay o u next ‘ d· us B - . vdis$rlsit:,° Territory, west of the Mississhpi riidil shhllbeli;ri3;;;ed)l`oVhISli0ns1n w¢¤·.¤f ·¤¤ tried reseeutea and d te ‘ a · n' · · ° °"d· Mmmsippn , p _ e rmme m t_ e district courts hereby establish. Phat4am8g,,,. edgwhliilamjll Ilugludeglhehsatd counties. er-re_ , e. nc. . n · e it rt er enacted That all `ust°ce l` th i;ll“élé?;';lgglg$*¤ cpplstajbles, siheriifs, alpd all (pther executive and‘judiciSalOoHic(dr£crar»(liEd J“·y ,,6,,, shan s em o nee on the t ir day of Jul ne t,th t ' aefyeppoiuily present Territory of Wisconsin which Jill thed:] by Ihigodtdtmbddogg gglmfc <;a5¤l;y the Territory of Iowa, shall be, and are hereby authorized and required G,,,·,,,,· you to continue to exercise and perform the duties of their respective offices aaihofficerlpalpfbthe Territory of Iowa, temporarily and until they, oi Pmviw 5032-lérgcm Ofelglplly ialppplmted to lil:) therrdplacepd by the Territorial manner erem r t : P `d d T no officer shall hold , or continue in office bylviiitue of thisnpioiisiliilt over twelve months from the said third day of July next. ’ mzaréseprgg; me b Sec. 17. And be tt further enacted, That all causes which Sha]; have mmm of W:S_ Opepvpgcgzynbegplmoved {rom the cfoulpts Llkeld by the present Territory eensan, tml of _ _ .1 eeoun res westo the ississippi river b a esl o the Mississippi, otherwise, mto the supreme court for the Territor of y EP r ‘ . - . . , d "c;‘:r;‘;l;.'%“i:_ which shall be undetermined therein on the third ddly of J ulgchrdrdtl shgll 00mm_ psecesgihed by tl: clerk (pg the said supreme court, and transferred to _e reme co o said erritory of Iowa there to be roc d d' to final determination, in the same manner that thh hee 8 m in the said supreme court of the Territor ‘ cyding t me been . _ y ofW1sconsm. kmgtxxhg dino. 18. And be tt further enacted, That the sum of five thousand gowmmem th ars be, and the same is hereby appropriated, out of any money in th: tlreasury not otherwise appropriated, to be expended by, and under of E ;y:;upnto£bmp(Govern}or of said Territory of Iowa, in the purchase _ 0 e eptatteseatofG { . gpg pfufhe l}oyernpir,F Legislative Asserriblaylfl (de;i·le3tai·(yT0mIlaIi·ldl1dal rney 0 sal er 't , d , ’ p an g ;,_:g;gatHBdA2wPb`;;’1s§1g1 ecsuch other persons as the Governor Termqrmm. . · _ · ” 6 W ufiher enacted That from and after the ds bm of w,,,,,,,, named in this aet for the or anizaf , l`(y a d H _ g _ ron 0 the Territory of Iowa the {eps. :;rmT0f the members of the Council and House of Representatives of eousium sx. ms, ynlmly of Wl3U9B5in Shall be deemed to have expired, and an plre, ass, of 36 y1_new Ofgunlzatxon of the Council and House of Representatives as foaowgrrllypgysgg Vlggconspn ailconptitufd by this act shall take place . · n pracica ea erte assao fth` t hG A _ . _ _ P e 0 is ac , the o- m°;l’%':lg;m_ ;;;:€;°f€;€1theTerr1t0Yy of Wisconsin shall apportion the thirteen memggaségglguncii S mtiveszmgruntipleand tvylenty-stx members- of the House of Repre- . eps, rfjgniwr €l_ Bevel _ counties or drstricts comprised within sand cmapmdls, 8G,1<!;<£‘° raise phenr population, as nearly as may be (Indians - eectnon shall be held at such time as the Go-