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242 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 98. 1838. including ur- hundred and fifteen dollars arrearegestor eighteen hundred und thirty- remgcs for seven, one million four hundred and sxxtccn thousand two hundred and 183% fifty dollars and thirty-two cents; Subsistence For subsistence for militia, volunteers, and friendly Indians, three f¤1‘ ¥¤iliii¤» M- hundred and sixty-five thousand and forty dollars; Purchase of For the purchase of powder and other materials for cartridges, togepcwder, &c. they with the repairs of gun—c2u·riages, smalbarms, and accoutremgms, thirtydive thousand dollars; Tents, knap- For tents, knapsacks, and other supplies furnished by the clothing ¤¤¤k¤· &<>· bureau, twenty thousand six hundred and seventy-seven dollars and Conecrrng K., hmix ·=¤=¤e 2 . . . . _ mm, in paying For correctrng an error in paying the Indians employed m the public the Indians eng- service m Flonda, seven thousand seven hundred and seventy-five dollars g1¤v¤¤ ·¤F1<>¤- and fifty-three me; gbjms 8pm_ Sm, 2. And be it further enacted, That the further sum of one fied in Sd art. of million forty-seven thousand and sixty-iseven dollars be appropriated, out °“PPl°m*}“”’Y of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, in full, fm- §;‘;$,§;‘;,{{,$°‘>' all objects specified in the uma mma of me suppiememly mam of Cher-okees,&¤. the treaty of eighteen hundred and thirty-five, between the United States and the Cherokee Indians, and for the further object of aiding in the subsistence of said Indians for one year after their removal west: Pro- Proviso. vided, That 110 part of the said sum of money shall be deducted from the five millions stipulated to be paid to said tribe of Indians by said Further pro- treaty: And provided, further, That the said Indians shall receive no ““°‘ benefit from the said appropriation, unless they shall complete their emigration within such time as the President shall deem reasonable, and without coercion on the part of the Government. For qatisgying Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That, for satisfying all claims for

gn‘iL‘;';“. gc arrearages of annuities, for supplying blankets and other articles of

'clothing for the Cherokees who are not able to supply themselves, and which may be necessary for their comfortable removal, and for medi- ‘ cines and medical assistance, and for such other purposes as the Presi— dent shall deem proper to facilitate the removal of the Cherokees, one hundred thousand dollars be appropriated out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated. APPROVED, June 12, 1838. Sucvum II. '—* June 12, 1838. CHAP. XCVIII.—An dot to secure ihc payment of certain commissions on duly

 bands to collectors of customs.

Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives (fthe United Commissions States of America in Congress assembled, That, on all bonds for duties, Lz3g;!;?;? °“ taken by any collector of the customs, the payment whereof has been pongd by M of at any time postponed by virtue of "An act authorizing a. further post- Oct. 16, 1837. ponement of payment upon duty bonds," passed on the sixteenth day °h· 8- of October last, the collectors who took said bonds, respectively, or their legal representatives, shall be allowed by the Secretary of the Treasury, and entitled to receive, the same commissions, whenever and us fast as the sums secured by such bonds shall be paid into the Treasury, as they ' would respectively have been entitled to be allowed and receive had the said bonds been paid at maturity and without such postponement; and no part of such commissions shall be claimed by or allowed to the suc·- cessor in office of any such collector, in any case in which such successor would not have been entitled by law to e portion thereoi if such Proviso. K postponement of the payment of said bonds had not taken place: Pravidcd, That nothing in this act shall be so construed as to give to any collector of the customs, or to the representatives of any such collector,

1 sum greater than the compensation he would have been entitled to

receive in case the law therein referred to, for the suspension of pay-