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TWENTY—FIFTH CONGRESS. SEss.II. Ch. 114. 1838. 245 Snrurs I1. CHAP, CXIV.-dn Jlci to grant a quantity of land to the Territory of PI/Yscomin, June 18 lS38_ for the purpose of aiding in opening ez wml to connect the waters (gf Lake ——-—·-L—·———· Mchigan with those of Roc/c river. (cz) Be it enacted by the Senate and Hozasc of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That there be, and hereby Cm,~,;n],mdS is, granted to the Territory of Wisconsin, for the purpose of aiding in eramed mW1S- opening a canal to unite the waters of Lake Michigan, at Milwaukee, g°2:§'; "ggigmul with those of Rock river, between the point of intersection with said 55,; g ’ river, of the line dividing townships seven and eight and the Lake Koshkonong, all the land heretofore not otherwise appropriated or disposed of in those sections and fractional sections which are numbered with odd numbers on the plats of the public surveys, within the breadth of five full sections, taken in north and south, or east and west tiers, on each side of the main route of said canal, from one end thereof to the other, and reserving the even numbered sections and fractional sections, taken as above, to the United States; and the said land, so granted to Landsso mnt_ aid in the construction of said canal, shall be subject to the disposal of Bd Shall bgsub. the Legislature of the said Territory, for the purpose aforesaid, and no iw *0 the disother: Provided, That the said canal, when completed, and the branches pQ§:l£;lh° L°' thereof, shall be, and for ever remain, a public highway, for the use of gProvisoi the Government of the United States, free from any toll or other charge whatever, for any property of the United States, or persons in their service, passing through the same: Provided, That said main canal shall Proviso. be commenced within three years, and completed in ten years, or the United States shall be entitled to receive the amount for which any of said land may have been previously sold, and that the title to purchasers under the Territory shall be valid. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That so soon as the route of the The Governor said main canal shall be definitively located and established, agreeably shall transmit a to an act of the Legislature of said Territory, incorporating the Mil- ¥§¤°°f*l;]°?;¤*¤· waukee and Rock river Canal Company, approved January fifth, 1838, 0;$H;(g€:_L;;°(j it shall be the duty of the Governor thereof; to transmit a plat of the OHZ, who shall same, showing its terminations and its connections with the section- ;*S°§’*z'”'l‘° corners of the public surveys, to the Commissioner of the Genera] Land g";;,jc(fr;:_Q Oflice, whose duty it shall be to ascertain, under the direction of the cause lim of President of the United States, the particular lands herein granted to *h°*'*a“éLb¤ PW- said Territory; and shall cause duplicate lists of the same to be pre· pam ’ °' pared from the plats on file in his office, one of which he shall transmit ‘ to the Governor of said Territory, who, or such other person or persons as shall be appointed for the purpose, under the authority of the Legislature of the said Territory, or of the State which may be erected out of the same, after the admission of such State, shall have power to sell or convey the whole, or any part of said land, at a price not less than two dollars and fifty cents per acre, and to give a title in fee simple therefor, to whomsoever shall purchase the whole or any part thereof Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the alternate sections and Prices of the fractional sections which shall remain to the United States, agreeably to landthe first section of this act, shall not be sold for a less sum than two dollars and fifty cents per acre, nor be subject to pre-emption. ‘ Sec. 4. And be ·it_further enacted, That in reference to the provi- Sections dm, sions of the first section of this act, where a section shall be divided by ded by mum of the route of the main canal, such section shall be counted (in fixing the gx; ;;'${;‘é’w lateral limits of said grant) as being on or towards that side of the line ' next the larger portion of said section, ascertained by reference to the mile-lines and comers of the sections, and the land and water thereby included.