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952 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 147. 1838. son, claiming the benefit of this law as aforesaid, shall swear falsely in the premises, he shall be subject to all the pains and penalties for perjury, forfeit the money which he may have paid for the land, and all right and title to the said land, and any grant or conveyance which he may have made in pursuance of such agreement or contract, as aforesaid, shall be void, except in the hands of a purchaser in good faith, for a valuable consideration without notice. And the certificate which shall be tiled with the commissioner as aforesaid, shall be taken to be conclusive evidence that the oath was legally administered: And pra- Further provi- vided, further, That it shall be the duty of the President of the United '°· States to cause to be reserved from sale or entry, under the provisions 1’Q3'°§']?Pf4·' of this or any other law of the United States, any tract or tracts of land reserved to any Choctaw, under the provisions of the treaty of Dancing Rabbit Creek, of one thousand eight hundred and thirty, and also to reserve from sale or entry, a sufficient quantity of the lands acquired by said treaty, upon which no such settlement or improvement has been made, as would entitle the settler or improver to a right of pre-emption under this act, to satisfy the claims of such Indians as may have been entitled to reservations under the said treaty, and whose lands may have been sold by the United States, on account of any default, neglect, or omission of duty on the part of any officer of the United States; such reservation from sale to continue until the claims to reservations under said treaty, shall be investigated by the board of commissioners appointed for that purpose, and their report finally acted on by Congress. Armovmn, June 22, 1838. g, . n au t commute ersnmnes eure- Smim H` C CXLVII-.d me ¢hm~iz‘ the 'z 1 t t tm

 fdllness of inventions to improve ag rent}?-0 safe tim {dirs of steam engines

3Apg4pf llgagcih againstezpl0siq¢1s.(a) sie. s,C° Be it enacted by the Senate and Hauseqf Representatives of the United lFf?Sl%¤¤¢ ¤¤· States of America in Congress assembled, That the President of the

h,,;; gg__ United States be, and he hereby is, authorized to appoint three persons,

sons. one of whom at least shall be a man of experience and practical knowledge in the construction and use of the steam engine, and the others, by reason of their attainments in science, shall be competent judges of the usefulness of any invention designed to detect the causes of explosion in the boilers; which said persons shall jointly examine any inventions made for the purpose of detecting the cause, and preventing the explosion of boilers, that shall be presented for their consideration; and, if any one or more of such inventions or discoveries justify, in their judgment, the experiment, and the inventor desires that his invention shall be subjected to the test, then the said persons may proceed and order such preparations to he made, and such experiments to be tried, us, in their judgment, may be necessary to determine the character and useiiilness of any such invention. The bqardto Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the said board shall give 5:°d§:;*=&gf notice of the time and place of their meeting to examine such invenmw M- their tions, and shall direct the preparations to be made, and the experiments meeting. to be tried, at such place as they shall deem most suitable and convenient for the purpose; and shall make full report of their doings to Congress at their next session. APp,°Pd,d°n_ Sec. 3i And be it further enacted, That, to carry into eH'ect the lbfé- going objects, there be, and hereby is, appropriated, out of any money m the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, the sum of six thousand dollars; and so much thereof as shall be necessary for the above purposes shall be subject to the order of the said board, and to defray such

he lives of passengers on board of vessels propelled in

whole or in part by steam; July 7, 1838, chap. 191. Act of July 7, 1838,ch. 163. 1852, eh. 106.