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258 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 162. 1838. for one horse; and neither of whom shall be interested or concerned directly or indirectly, in any wagon or other means of transport emi ployed by [tht;] United Statep, nor in the purchase or sale of any pro. perty procure for or belonging to the United States, except as an agent for the United States. Inuemcfth, Sec. 11. And'be itjbrther eyzacted, That there be added to the comoominissariatof missariat of subsistence one assistant commnssnry gcncral of subsistence, °'1b°"‘°“°°· with the rank, pay and emoluments of a lieutenant colonel of cavalry , o11e.commissax·y of subsistence with the rank, pay and emoluments of a quartermaster of the army; and three commissaries of subsistence with the rank, pay and emoluments of assistant quartermasters. pay of mw. Sec. 12. And be it further enacted, That the stewards of hospitals urdsnfnospitals. at posts of more than four companies be hereafter allowed the pay, clothing and rations of 21 sergeant of ordnance, and, at all other posts, the pay, clothing and rations of the first sergeant of a company of inantr . The Pmmdm Sm);. 13. And be izfzmher enacted, That the President of the. United aumomgdwgn. States, be and he is hereby authorized to add to the ordnance depart. crease eheyord- ment, whenever he may deem it expedient to increase the same, by and “§‘§3°§ up with the advice of the Senate, two majors, and that he be further anthorized to transfer ten first lmutenants and ten second heutenants from PW and emo- the artillery to the ordnance department, and that the pay and emol u- ` 1““‘°“”‘ ments of the officers of the said department shall be the same as those allowed to the officers of the regiment of dragoons. compmm Spc. 14. And be it further enacted,- That so much of the fourth ghbgegrvscrt gh section of the act passed fifth of April eighteen hundred and tlurty-two April $82, 0h_ for the orgamzatlou of the ordnance department, as authorizes the oHi— 67, ccrs of ordnance to receive the same pay and emoluments now allowed artillery officers, shall be construed to include the ten dollars per month additional pay to every officer in the actual command of a company, as compensation for the duties and responsibilities with respect to clothing, arms, and accoutremeuts of the company, under the authority of the second section of the act passed second of March eighteen hundred and 1827, ::1;.42. twenty-seven, giving further compensation to the captains and subalterns proviso, of the army of the United States in certain cases: Provided, That the officers of the ordnance department claiming the compensation for such duties and responsibilities shall have been actually in the command of enlisted men of the ordnance equal to a company of artillery, and thereby éucuxiigd ttlhedagoreszprld responsibilities. All commu. EC. . n c it rther enacted, That ever commissioned officer 2>:·¢g<>¤’¤¢9¥¤» of the line or stat? exclusive of general officerg shall be entitled to an ¤ddi§Q§$"fH_ receive one additional ration per diem for every five years he may have mu {0,- every served or shall serve in the army of the United States: Provided, That $1}; years' ser- m certaan cases where officers are entitled to and receive double rations, PréviS0_ the viid1t101%u.l§nobpli;>wod in this section shall not be included in the num r to e ou c . l_Pe1-iod of on- _ Spc. 16. And be it further enacted, That from and after the pass- ‘*"“°“‘*· mg of this act, all enhstments in the Army of the United States shall Pay of im. be for fwe years, and that the monthly pay of non-commissioned officers g¢&¥é;¥;;Si;;>é1:<;1 and soldiers shall be as follows: to each sergeant major, quartcrmastcr diemSergeant, and chief musician, seventeen dollars, to each first sergeant of 8 pcmpany, sixteen dollars; to all other sergeants, thirteen dollars; Promo to each attllicer, eleven dollars.; to each corporal, nine dollars; and t0 · each musiomn and private soldier, eight dollars; Provzded, that two dol- 1838) 6h_19i__ L&gm(;10uth of said pay be retained until the expiration of his term §€;$m$§§a Sec. 17. And be it furtfww enacted, That the allowance of Sugar 3; ispkgspme and coffee to the nonmconzmissioned officers, musicians and privates. in ¤¥· hen of the spirit or whiskey component part of the army ration, now