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262 TWENTY·FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch.166,16'7. 1838. SI H. .0 extend the l t V . .-.011 ella time or ocai ir 'nia milit

 CHA:¤4(3—}lc)1$tXIcM returning surveys thereoné: the Genngml Land 0_§t¢e,lZg land

Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives if the Tim umd_ United State.: g' America in Congress assembled, That the alto August and soldiers 0 the Virginia line on continental establishment, their I0, iwkmdlgy heirs or assigns, entitled to bounty lands within the tract reserved by gg35k_ iif}·.,,5 Virginia, between the Little Miami and Scioto rivers, northwest of the ther extended. river Ohio, for satisfying the legal bounties to her officers and soldiers upon continental establishment, shall be allowed until the tenth day of August, in the year one thousand eight hundred and forty, to complete their locations and surveys, and return their surveys and warrants, or certified copies thereof, to the General Land Office ; and all entries and All entries and surveys which may have heretofore been made within the said reserva- •¤¤¤Y¤ h¤¤g¤- tion, in satisfaction of any auch warrants, on lands not previously en. ?1':u'§:d;;°d°‘ tered or surveyed, or on lands not prohibited from entry and survey, scc. ° shall he held to be good and valid, any omission heretofore to extend the time for the making of such entries and surveys to the contrary Prcvisc. notwithstanding: Provided, That no locations as aforesaid, within the abovementioned tract, shall, after the passage of this act, be made on tracts of land which may have been previously patented, or which may have been surveyed in satisfaction of warrants granted for the legal p,-wigs, bounties of said officers and soldiers: And provided, also, That no locations as aforesaid shall be made on any lands lying upon the west side of Ludlow’s line; and any patent which may nevertheless be obtained for land located contrary to the provisions of this act, shall be held and considered as null and void. Ng pmm ,,},81; Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That no patent shall be issued by i¤¤¤¤ f¤r_¤zr¤¤•- virtue of the preceding section, for a greater quantity of land than the &}“f{a'Qm rank or term of service of the officer or soldier to whom, or to whose mukormm ,5* heirs or assigns, such warrant has been granted, would have entitled

¤m¤i<=¤ 0N1B him to under the laws of Virginia and of the United States regulating

dim°°{0°;,f:;l the issuing of such warrants; and whenever it appears to the Secretary snid’warrant is- of War that the survey made by any of the aforesaid warrants is for a

°d· W93ié! greater quantity of land than the officer or soldier is entitled to for his

hi,;°,::*°,:n§m, services, the Secretary of War shall certify, on each survey, the amount thelaws of Vir· of such surplus quantity, and the officer or soldier, his heirs or assigns, glyég ch 73 shall have leave to withdraw his survey fiom the office of the Secretary ’' of War, and resurvey his location, excluding such surplus quantity, in one body, from any part of his resurvey, and a patent shall issue upon Prcviso. such resurvey as in other cases: Provided, however, That no patent shall be obtained on any warrant under this act, unless there be pro duced to the Secretary of War satisfactory evidence that such warrant was granted for services which, by the laws of Virginia passed prior to the cession of the Northwestern Territory, would have entitled such cHicer or soldier, his heirs or assigns, to bounty lands; and, also, a certificate of the register of the land office of Virginia, that no other warrant has issued from the said land 0H50c for the same services. Armovma, July 7, 1838. Srnura II. ·-——— July 7, 1838. CRAP. CLXVII.—.8n Act for the erection of a eourbhouse in Akxandda, in the

 District of Columbia.

Corn. of'Pub· Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the U¢ Buildinsuv United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Commis- §Q';;;'Q0°§;"°' sioner of the Public Buildings in the city of Washington be, and he ereetedin Alex. is hereby, authorized and directed to cause to be erected in the town ¤¤dfi¤· &<=· of Alexandria, in the District of Columbia, a court-house, to contain (a) Sec notes of the acts relating to Virginia land warrants, vol. 1, 464.