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274 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 172. ]835_ James Curry’s, to Booth’s ferry, on Tygart-valley river. From Middle. island bridge, on the northwestern turnpike, to Lowan, Lewis county, From Bulltown, down the valley of the Little Kenawha, to Elizabeth. town. From Drummondtown, Accomack county, by Locustville and Smithsville, on the seaside road of said county, to Pungoteague. From Hillsborough to Harper’s Ferry. From Lovesville to Berlin, in the State of Maryland. From Clarksburg, via Ten-mile, to Shinston, in the county of Harrison. From Logan court—house to Red Sulphur Springs. From the Natural Bridge post office, in Rockbridge county, via Daggart’s springs, to Clifton forge. From Brandonville, in Virgina, to Bryant’s post office, in Fayette county, in the State of Pennsylvania. From Beckley’s mills to Reuben Stut’s. From Covesville to Fobes’s mill. From Blue Sulphur Springs, via Gwinn’s springs, thence down Lick creek to New river, up same to the mouth of Greenbrier river, to Palestine, thence to Lewisburg. {n North Ca- North. Carolina.——From Ford creek, via Fishdam, Harxcock’s store,

:I““‘ or Leather’s cross-roads, to Chapel hill. From l¢Veldon to Halifax;

thence to or near Enfield, Waynesborough, and South Washington, to Wilmington ; thence to Charleston, South Carolina. From Lincolnton, via Hoylesville, Spring mills, and Erasmus, to Yorkville, South Carolina, and returning via Catawba creek. From Waynesborough, via Whitfield mills and Jericho, to Strabane. From Pickens court-house, South Carolina, through Macon and Haywood counties, and down the Tuskegee river, by John B. Love's and Scroop Euloe’s to Sevierville, Tenn. From Falls pcst office to Catawba creek post office. From Statesville to Mount Airy, Surry county. From Middletown, Hyde county, to some point on the Chickamacomioa banks, in said county. From Hillsdale to Madison, on Dan river. From Hillsborough, by Samuel N. Fate’s store and Mount Willing, to Rock creek or Fogleman’s post office. From either Fair BlufT or Porter Swamp’s offices to either Leesville or Lumberton. From Shallotte, by Dred Boazman’s to White Marsh office. From Norwood’s store, via Rocky river springs and Jacob Eford’s, to Mount Comfort. From Beatty, on Black river, via James Allen’s to J. R. Corbett’s. From Carthage to Greensborough. From Newcastle, by Brier creek, Mulberry gap, Laurel spring, and John Williams’s, in Ashe county, North Carolina, to the mouth of Wilson creek, Virginia. From Pleasant garden, by Turkey cove, through Yancy county, North Carolina, to Elizabethtown, Tennessee. From Washington to Portsmouth and Ocracoke. From Fayetteville, up the Cape Fear river, on the west side, to McNiel’s ferry, Blalock’s store, Raleigh, Johnson’s store, and Draughn’s store, to Fayetteville. From Raleigh to Gray Sill’s. From Hillsborough to Boxborough. From Gaston, via Henderson, to Raleigh. From Henderson to Williamsborough. From Pittsborough to Chapel hill. From Seagle’s store, via Peter Warlick’ s store, to Mull grove. In S¤¤¥h Ca- South Carolina.-—From Damascus to Mooresborough, North Caro- ¤l;z:E'°°m` limi. From Athens, Georgia, to Lauren’s court-house. From Slant0H5- ville to Pendleton. From Sumterville, by Plowden’s mills, and Brewington, to Jacksonville, South Carolina. From Younguesville, via Hazlewood, Pedensville, and Torbert’s, to Chester court·house. From Marion court-house, by Allen’s bridge (on Little Pedee,) Harleesville, and Clio, to Bennettsville. From King’s tree, by Murray’s and Lenud’s ferries on the Santee river, to Georgetown. From Lynch’s creek post ofl lice to Conwayborough. From MountWilling to Lexington court-house. From Picken’s court-house, Mullen’s fort, Aquilla, Georgia; thence by Clearmont, Bachelors Retreat, and Pendleton, to Pickens court-house. From Union court-house, via Hancockville, to Limestone springs in Spartanburg district. From Charleston to Walterborough, by the way of the South Carolina railroad and George’s station. From Pinckney·