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'.[`WENTY·FIFTI*I CONGRESS. Sr·1ss.lI. Ch. 172. 1838. 279 to Fulton city, on the Mississippi river. From Henderson, by Berlin, and Richland grove, Mercer county, to Stephenson. From Grafton to St. Charles, Missouri. From Grafton, by the house of J. M.' Hurd, Jerseyville and Delaware, to Carlinville. From Urbana, by Clinton and Waynesville, to Havana, (on the Illinois river.) From Decatur, by Salt creek, (near the mouth of the lake fork `of said creek,) to Tremont. From Danville, by Pontiac, to Ottawa. From Fort Madison, Wisconsin Territory, by Appanooe, La Houpe, Ellisville, Farmington, and Harkness, to Peoria. From Chicago, by Brush hill, Napierville, Little Rock, Pawpaw grove, and Inlet, to Dixou’s ferry. From Ewington, by Salem and Martin’s ferry, to Greenville. From Jonesborough, by the way of Whitaker’s landing, mouth of the Muddy, and Breeseville, to Liberty. From Geneva, in Kane county, by Charleston, Elgin, McClure’s grove, McHenry, Foxville, and Rochester, to Prairie village, in Wisconsin Territory. From Stephenson, in Rock Island county, up Rock river to Rockford, in Winneba o county. From Knoxville, by Lafayette, Oceola, Providence, and Windsor to Enterprise, near the termination of the Illinois and Michigan canal, on the Illinois river. From Canton, in Fulton county, by Cuba and Travis, to Macomb, in McDonough county. From Peoria, by Oceola, Thermopylae, to Savannah, in Jo Daviess county. From Madison, the permanent seat of justice of the Wisconsin Territory, by St. George’s rapids on Rock river in said Territory, and from thence down on the eastern side of said river, to Dixonville, in Ogle county. From Juliet, in Will county, by Du Page, N apierville, Geneva, Sycamore, Gatt’s Mills, Sayer’s Mills, Winnebago, Trask’s Ferry on the Peekatonokee, Rock Grove, and Hamilton’s Diggings, to Mineral Point, in Wisconsin Territory. From Lasalle, in Lasalle county, by Grand Detour, on Rock river, Freeport, and Brewster’s Ferry, on the Peekatonokee, to Mineral Point, in the VVisconsin Territory. From Aurora, in Kane county, by Cottonville and Kingston, to Rockford in Winnebago county. From Macomb, in McDonough county, by Muddy Lane post office, La Harpe, Hartford and Appanooce, to Fort Madison in Iowa Territory. From Ottawa, in Lasalle county, by Dayton, Lorain, Rockville, Bristol and Hartford, to Geneva in Kane county. From St. Mary’s, in Hancock county, by Hill’s grove, to Macomb, in McDonough county. From Lafayette, in the state of Indiana, thence down along the Vermilion of the Illinois river to Lasalle, in Lasalle county, Illinois. From Lafayette post office, in Greene county, by Oceola and Waverley, to Springfield in Sangarnon county. From Jonesborough, in Union county, by Willard’s and Smitlfs Ferries on the Mississippi river, to Jackson, in the state of Missouri. From Liberty, in Jackson county, down along the bottom of the Mississippi river, by Breeseville, an Willard’s ferry, to Clear Creek Landing, in Alexander county. From Iroquois, in Iroquois county, by Lorain, on the Kankakee river, Thornton and Portland, to Chicago. From Griggsville, in Pike county, by Worcester, to Kinder- ` hook, in the same county. From McClure’s Grove, in Kane county, by Denney’s Ferry, on Fox river, Crystal Lake, Walkups in the Virginia settlement, passing the head of Geneva Lake, and Conlogfs settlement, to Janesville, on Rock river, in the Wisconsin Territory. From Springfield, in Sangamon county, by Athens and New Market, to Havana, on the Illinois river. From Dixonville in Ogle county to Savannah on the Mississippi river, in Jo Daviess county. From Pittsfield in Pike county, by Worcester and Payson, to Quincy, in Adams county From Mendozia, in Morgan county, by Versailles post office,. Mount Sterling, Clayton, Houston, and Chili post office, to Warsaw, in Hancock county. From Peoria, by Wyoming, Oceola, the: N arrows_ of Green river, Thermopylm, on Rock river, to Savannah inJo_Dav1es¤ county. From Lewistown, in Fulton county, by Cuba, Ellisville, and