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TlVENTY—FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 186. 1838. 301 To the Delawares for interest at five per cent. on forty-six thousand Appropriation and eighty dollars, being the value of thirty-six sections of land set wthé D¢l¤· apart by the treaty of eighteen hundred and thirty-two,-for education w°"s‘ purposes, and for which they have agreed to accept two dollars per acre, as authorized by the Senate, in its resolution of the nineteenth January last, which resolution also provides for the investment of the amount. two thousand three hundred and four dollars; For holding a treaty with the Creeks for the purpose of adjusting Treaty with their claims for property and improvements abandoned or lost in con- tht? C1‘¢¤l<8· sequence of their emigration West of the Mississippi, two thousand dollars; For payment of the amount of deprcdations committed by the Osage Depredations and Camancho Indians on the property of the Choctaw Indians, eight bY me Osagc hundred and twenty-hve dollars; ?:gi£;"“”°h° For expenses of holding a treaty with the Wyandot Indians of the 'Froot;} with State of Ohio, one thousand five hundred dollars; the WY=¤¤d<>¥¤ For payment of the expense of a delegation from the Seneca Indians °§,E;g’gg8 dew_ who visited Washington, to protest against the ratification of a late ation from the treaty entered into with them by a commissioner acting under the au- §*>¤¢¤¤ 1¤di¤¤S· thority of the United States, seven hundred eighty-nine dollars and twenty-three cents; For the expenses of the delegation of the Senecas, who visited V,,,,0,~,,dc1_,,_ Washington to urgefthe ratification of the late treaty with them and gation of the the other New York Indians, and the expenses of negotiating that °¤*°°S• Treaty with the Senecas and the other bands of New York Indians, including all the expenses incident thereto, nine thousand five hundred dollars. For the expenses of submitting again to those Indians the Treaty as Resubmitting amended and ratified by the Senate for the purpose of obtaining their ‘g'h°“ Indmns assent to the amended Treaty, four thousand dollars. :,,:,,:3:2 °s For holding a treaty with the Osages for the extinguishment of their Treaty with title to reservations in lands within other tribes and for other purposes, tho Osoges. two thousand dollars. For defraying the expenses of fourteen Sac and Fox Indians, who Visit of Sac were induced to visit Washington by the false representations of their conductor, two hundred and twenty-one dollars and fifty cents. g ` For the purposes of defraying expenses of negotiations with the Negorgmgons Miami Indians, eight hundred and sixty dollars, to be paid to the fol- with the Mialowing persons in the following proportions, to wit: m“’S‘ To William Marshall for forty-two days’ service as Commissioner, w_ Mmhau three hundred and thirty-six dollars. for ¤¢fVi¤¤· To Henry L. Ellsworth for fifty-four days’ service as Commissioner, H.L.Ellsworth four hundred and thirty dollars, and to Allen Hamilton for seventeen fj; Sggafjskcn days' services as Secretary, one hundred and two dollars. ,q,,.',,,,,,,;c,,_ To defray the expenses of an exploring party of Miamies Indians, Exploring por. the sum of nineteen hundred and ninety dollars. ’Y of M‘“m*°S· For affording temporary subsistence to such Indians west of the Mis— q-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, sissippi, who, by reason of their recent emigration or the territorial subsistenceto arrangements incident to the policy of setting apart a portion of the public domain west of the Mississippi, for the residence of all the S,,B,,,,,;_ tribes residing east of that river, as are unable to subsist themselves, and for the expenses attending the distribution of the same, one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, to be expended under the direction of the Secretary of War. Avrnovnn, July 7, 1838. 2A