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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. S¤ss.II. Ch. 89, 190. 1838. 303 ST; run I1. Crm?. CLXXXIX.-dn dc! granting haffpuy and pensions to certain widows. July 7, 1838. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the p0st'p_5g4,_ United States of America in Congress assembled, That if any person Five years’ who served in the war of the Revolution, in the manner specilied in the P°“°’°“.g"°‘!’°* not passed the seventh day of June, eighteen hundred and thirty-two, S:,€;r?,ii;g`ir;Q,s entitled "An act supplementary to the act for the relief of certain sur- and soldiers. viving officers and soldiers of the Revolution," have died, leaving a t HMB7 widow, whose marriage took place after the expiration of the last period 183‘§’%h_ 126. ' of his service, and before the first day of January, seventeen hundred and ninety-four, such widow shall be entitled to receive, for and durin the term of live years from the fourth day of March, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, the annuity or pension which might have been allowed to her husband in virtue of said act, if living at the time it was passed; Provided, That in the event of the marriage of such widow, said an- Proviso. nuity or pension shall be discontinued. 184% °h· 191* Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That no pledge, mortgage, sale, No pledge, assignment, or transfer of any right, claim, or interest, in any annuity, ¤y>£z=;ls<=i? &°· half pay, or pension, granted by this act, shall be valid, nor shall the gr ;m°nsi:n 536 half pay, annuity, or pension, granted by this act, or any former act of valid. Congress, be liable to attachment, levy, or seizure, by any process in N°*.li¤bl° *° law, or equity, but shall enure wholly to the personal benefit of the pen- l’:c;:g°d °r °f sioner or annuitant entitled to the same ; and that before a warrant shall be delivered to any person acting for or in behalf of any one entitled to money under this act, such person shall take and subscribe an oath Oath to be tnor affirmation, to be administered by the proper accounting officer, and kw QYF" ¤';’l'· put on file, that he has no interest in said money, by any pledge, mort— Q;{l`,§;°Tf ih: gage, transfer, agreement, understanding, or arrangement, and that he wan-ant. does not k11ow or believe that the same has been so disposed of to any other person. Sec. 3. Anal be it further enacted, That the Secretary of War shall Regulations_ adopt such regulations and forms of evidence, in relation to applications and payments under this act as the President of the United States may prescribe. Approved, July 7, 1838. ———-— Srnnu II. CHAP. CXC.—An dot making ajipropriatiam for certain roads in the Territory J“lY 7• 1838- W" "”$°°”~’*"~ gobsome.] Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums of money be, and the same are hereby appropriated for the con- From Fort struction of roads in the Territory of Wisconsin, to wit: For the con- H°:l"d *8 dm struction of :1 roud from Fort Howard at Green Bay, by Milwaukee and 3;%, 1;; Ogifiii Racine, to the Northern boundary line of the State of Illinois, in the nois. direction of Chicago in that State, to be expended in the Territory of From Muwaw Wisconsin, fifteen thousand dollars, For the construction of a road kw mth, Mis, from the town of Milwaukee on Lake Michigan, by way of Madison, siseippl. the permanent seat of Government of the said Territory, to a point opposite the town of Dubuque on the Mississippi river, ten thousand doll8.l‘S. For the construction of the necessary bridges and 1’em0ViI1g Ob- From the structions in the muil road from the northern line of Missouri, through northern line of the original oountios of Dos Moines and Dubuque, to some suitable ‘l‘° point on the Mississippi river between Prairie du Chien and Dubuque, ten thousand dollars. For the completion of the military road from Fort Crawford FGM Crawford, by Winnebago, to Fort Howard at Green Bay, five ’°TE'g§:;l?¢ q10H5H1d dollars. The said roads shall be constructed under the direc- mumd umm tron of the Secretary of War, pursuant to contracts to be made by him: direction, Gm.