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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Ch.20. 1839. 315 Sururx III. CHU. XX.-An Act to reorganize the district courts of the United States in the Feb, 5, 1g3g_ Stale af Jlabama. (a) ——-—-j-· Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the State of Ala- Alabama divibama shall be, and the same is hereby, divided into three districts, in d?'} lm° Ph*'°° manner following, to Wit: The counties of Walker, Pickens, Sumter, di$;£gi;'diS_ Marengo, Green, Perry, Bibb, Autauga, Coosa, Tallapoosa, Chambers, trier. Shelby, Jefferson, and Tuscaloosa, shall compose one district, to be called the middle district; and a court shall be held for the said district at Tuscaloosa. The counties of Jackson, Madison, Limestone, Lau- Nmhem d;S_ derdale, St. Clair, Marion, Fayette, Randolph, Taladega, Franklin, trio:. Lawrence, Morgan, Benton, Marshall, De Kalb, Cherokee, and Blount, shall hereafter compose one district, to be called the northern district; and a court shall be held for the same, as heretofore, at Huntsville: and the residue of the counties of said State shall hereafter compose the $°“'h°"* dis' southern district of Alabama; and a court shall be held for the same, mM' as heretofore, at Mobile. Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That there shall be two terms of District judge the district court for the middle district held at Tuscaloosa, in each ‘° l}°ld‘w°£“‘ year, to begirfon the fourth Monday in May, and the first Monday after mm mmS’ c' the fourth Monday in November; and the district judge of the United States for the State of Alabama is hereby required to hold the courts aforesaid; and, furthermore, to hold one‘or more special terms at Tuscaloosa in each year, it, in his opinion, the business of the court shall require it to be done. Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the fourth Monday in May, Remm days and first Monday after the fourth Monday in November, in each year, of the court at shall be return days for writs and executions returnable to the said dis- T“S°aI°°S°· trict court at Tuscaloosa; and the parties to such suits as shall be so returned shall make up their pleadings, under such rules as the court shall prescribe, in order to have the causes so returned in a state of readiness for trial at the succeeding regular term. Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That all causes at law or in A]; causes chancery, pending in the said district courts at Mobile and Huntsville, pqndingin disor in the circuit court of the United States at Mobile, in which the de- {)"°:l_§g“,!" *21 fendant or defendants resided in the middle district (as hereby esta- féuiaftgrggid blished) at the time of serving process shall be transferred for trial to middle district. the district court for the said middle district, and be proceeded in, heard, adjudged, and determined, in the same manner as though originally commenced or prosecuted in the said court; and it shall be the Clerks to duty of the clerks of the said courts at Huntsville and Mobile safely to ";’;s?"‘”‘l:i° P“‘ transmit to the clerk of the district court at Tuscaloosa the original gmc? Sm papers in all cases hereby ordered to be transferred, together with a transcript of all orders and other proceedings had thereon. Sec. 5. And be it further enacted, That all suits hereafter to be Sum, notofa brought in either of said courts, not of a local nature, shall be brought local nature, in a court of the district where the defendant resides; but if there be ‘;l;;'°H:" b° more than one defendant, and they reside in different districts, the plain- g ` tiff may sue in either, and send duplicate writ or writs to the other defendants; on which the plaintiff or his attorney shall endorse that the writ thus sent is a copy of a writ sued out of a court of the proper district; and the said writs, when executed and returned into the office from which they issued, shall constitute one suit, and be proceeded in accordingly. Jud 8 to aP_ Sec. 6. And be it further enacted, That the judge of said district Omg, dc,],... courts shall appoint a clerk of the district court of the middle district, fees, &.c. (a) Notes of the acts relating to the district court of Alabama, vol. 3, 564.