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TWEN'I`Y-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess.III. Ch. 71. 1839, 327 accounting officers, and to reimburse to other appropriations funds used for the removal and subsistence of these Indians, including outstanding claims not yet settled, eighty-five thousand dollars; For carrying into ellect the treaty with the Creek Indians of the '1`reaty with twenty-third day of November, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, viz: °h°’ C’“k"· To make the payment in stock animals, stipulated to be made by the Payment in second article of the said treaty, fifty thousand dollars; Sm °mm¤l$· To pay the interest at five per cent. for one year, upon the sum of Interest. three hundred and fifty thousand dollars, pursuant to the stipulations of the third article of the said treaty, seventeen thousand five hundred dollars, To pay the claims of the McIntosh party, pursuant to the stipulations Claims of the in the fifth article of the said treaty, twenty-one thousand one hundred M’I¤=¤Sh PmY· and three dollars and thirty-three cents; t To purchase stock animals for the Creeks removed as hostiles, as sti- Steck .”“lm“1“ pulated by the sixth article of the treaty, ten thousand dollars; %;ci;T;}l° To meet the expenses of the purchase and distribution of the stock Purchase and animals, according to the requirements of the second and sixth articles, dl$“lb‘“l°“ of three thousand dollars; Stock animals' For the payment to the Cherokee Indians of the value of the improve- Payment to ments upon the Missionary reservations, pursuant to a stipulation in the Ch°F°k°€¤~ fourth article of the treaty of December eighteen hundred and thirty- five, in addition to the former appropriation for that object, fifteen thousand one hundred and eleven dollars and seventy-five cents; For compensation to the commissioners under the above treaty, in Compensation addition to the appropriations of eighteen hundred and thirty-six and *° °°mmlSS’”· eighteen hundred and thirty~eight for that object, eight thousand dollars; to be applied only to the payment of expenses incurred prior to the twenty-third day of May, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight; For carrying into effect the treaty of the seventh day of February Treaty with eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, with the Chippewas of Saganaw, viz : ’l;°gCh‘X’P°W“S For the payment of the purchase money of forty acres of land ceded Dpggiigstwior by the first article of the treaty, three hundred and twenty dollars; land. For the expenses incurred in the negotiation of the treaty, one hun- EXP°¤S°S °f dred and twenty-five dollars; mm" For carrying into ellect the treaty with the Great and Little Osages Treaty with of the eleventh day of January eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, viz : tgetlgrggsgg For the payment of the annuity stipulated in the second article, P,ym€m€,£' twenty thousand dollars; annuity. _ For the support of two blacksmith establishments, building a grist }i)l*}°l;*$m¤l*°¤‘ and saw mill, pay of attendants and assistants, tools for the mills, and ;is;,QHf°§L_ the erection of mill-houses, seven thousand eight hundred dollars; i For furnishing cows, calves, hogs, ploughs, harnesses, axes, and hoes, G0W¤» &»°· as stipulated by the treaty, seven thousand three hundred dollars; _ For the erection of houses for chiefs, and furnishing wagons, carts, hEY°°*'°gL°f oxen, and chains, as stipulated by the treaty, six thousand nine hundred °"S°S’ °' and eighty dollars; Claims for de- For the payment of claims for depredations, thirty thousand dollars; l’€g::‘;‘;;i0mr For the expenses of a commissioner to examine and settle those ,0 Bxm,,,;,,B and claims, two thousand five hundred dollars; settle claims. For the payment of the purchase money for reservations, forty-three r;;¥;‘;‘:;;1;°” thousand five hundred and twenty dollars; Rgimbursg: For the reimbursement of the annuity deducted in the year eighteen ment of an anhundred and twenty-five, three thousand dollars; "}‘Q;-l;1bmSc_ For the reimbursement to the Clermont band of the annuity de- ment to tha ducted in the year eighteen hundred and twenty-nine, three thousand Clermont band dollars . of an annuity. ’ . . . Interest to be For the payment to the Ioway Indians of the interest at five per cent. Paid to the L,. for one year, upon the sum of one hundred and fifty-seven thousand five was.