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TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Ch.S2. 1839. 339 Smmrrz III. Gun. LXXXI1.-An Act multi riutivm or the civil and di lomalic cxpemes of Gauernmentfar ifnii Zlgrrogghtcm Kindred and thirtyfnine. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following sums bc, and the same are hcreby appropriated, to be paid out of qny unappropriatcd moncy in the Treasury, viz: For compensation to the President and Vice President of the United Ifresideng. States, the Sccrctary of State, tho Secretary of the Treasury, the Seoro- V‘g‘ilP’é”’d;’3‘· wry of War, the Secretary of the Navy, and the Postmaster General, ;gm,;im;? c` sixty thousand dollars; For salary of the Secretary to sign patents for publiclands, pcr act of §ecremy to March second, eighteen hundred and thirty-three, one thousand five hun- gg:} P°*°"“‘ M drcd dollars; n s' For clerks and messengers in the office of the Secretary of State, Og; gu_gm,,_ twenty thousand three hundred dollars; Clerks and For the contingent expenses of the Department of State, including '"é’s;‘:“g°'°· F publishing and distributing tho laws, twenty-five thousand dollars; de :,.t}:,;K ° For compiling and printing the Biennial Rcgistenyonc thousand eight Cfmrnpiling and hundred dollars: Provided, That the printing of the said Biennial p{"f'§'§ EL;" Register and the job printing, stationery and binding of each of the nlirovi,5 ' Executive Departments, shall be furnished by contract, proposals for which shall regularly be advertised for in the public prints. The classes, character, and description of the printing being specified in each advertisement, as far as that can be done, and it being made a condition in all cases, unless otherwise specifically stated in the advertisement, thzit the work shall be donc in the city of Washington; and the contract shall in ouch case so far as the proposals and acceptance shall enable the contract to be made, to be given to tho lowest bidder, whose bid shall be accompanied with the proper testimonials of the ability of the bidder to fulfil his contract; For the superintendent and watchman of the northeast executive S¤p¤rin¤’t Md building, one thousand five hundred dollars; E;°°Q§;i';nN‘E· For contingent expenses of said building, including fuel, labor, oil (;},m;ng,m5gx. and repairs, three thousand three hundred and fifty dollars; P¤¤;¤q¤ of Said For compensation to the clerks and messengers in the office of the bggggécc Secretary of the Treasury, sixteen thousand four hundred and filly dol- ·pmw,y_ ' lars; Clerks and For compensation to the clerks in said offico, per act of the twenty- ”'(§f:f1;‘E°‘;; act third June, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, entitled, An act to regulate 23d ]unBp1836, the depcsites of tho public money, three thousand six hundred dollars; ch. 115. For compensation to the First Comptroller of the Treasury, three First Compthousand five hundred dollars; “'°u°"· For compensation to the clerks and messengers in the officc of the gmk, my First Comptroller, nineteen thousand three hundred dollars; mes¤¤n8¢¤‘¤· For compensation to the Second Comptroller, three thousand dollars; Second Comp- For compensation to the clerks and messenger in the office of the lglfh md Second Comptroller, including the compensation of two clerks trarw mBm,,gm. ferred from the oHioe of the Fourth Auditor, twelve thousand two hundred and lilly dollars; For compensation to the First Auditor of the Treasury, three thou- 1s: Auditor. sand dollars; For compensation to the clerks and messonver in the offica of the Clerks and First Auditor, Eileen thousand nine hundred dollars; m°”°“g°'• Pgx compensation to the Second Auditor of the Treasury, three thou- 2d. Auditor. sun dollars; For compensation to the clerks and messenger in the oflioo of the Clerks and Second Auditor, seventeen thousand nine hundred dollars; m°“°”g?"• For compensation to the Third Auditor, three thousand dollars; 9d Audrmr.