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TYVEN'1`Y—FIFT1I CONGRESS. Sess. III. 01.82. 1839. 345 For compensation to the Attorney General of the United States, four Axmmey Gen. thousand dollars; For compensation of clerk and messenger in the office of the Attor- Clerk and pgy General, OIIC th<>uS=1¤d thmé hundred dollars; M€¤S¢¤g¤rS· For corningcnt cxpcuscs of said office, fivc hundred dcllnrs: Expenses. For compensation to the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme Reporter Su- Court, one thousand dollars; prcme Court. For compensation to the district attorneys and marshals, as granted Disnauorneys by Iuw, including those: in the several Territories, and arrearages, ibm. ¤¤d m¤rSh¤I¤· tccn thousand eight hundred and forty-two dollars ; For dcfruying the expenses of the Supreme Court, and the district Expenses of Courts of the United Stutcs, including the District of Columbia; also for §;¤P”m°C°¤**» jurors and witnesses, in uid of the funds arising from fines, penalties, ‘ °‘ and forfcitures, incurred in the year eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, and preceding years; and likewise for dcfraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe keeping of prisoners, in addition to former appropriations, one hundred and twenty-eight thousand dollars; For the payment of pensions granted by special acts of Congress, one Pensions by thousand and fifty dollars; Speciui ws- For the support and maintenance of light-houses, floating lights, bca- Support of cons, buoys, and stakcagcs, including the purchase of lamps, oil, keep- !ighth¤¤s¤¤,&c· ers’ salaries, repairs, improvements, and contingent expenses, three nundrcd and ninety-four thousand three hundred and thirty-one dollars; For survey of the coast of the United States, including the compcn- U. S. coast sation of the superintendent and assistants, ninety thousand dollars; ““"·"Y· For compensation of two keepers of the public archives in Florida, KEFPNS °f . one thousand dollars; mc ms' For the discharge of such miscellaneous claims against the United Miscellaneous States, not otherwise provided for, as shall be admitted in duc course 0f settlement at the Treasury, twelve thousand dollars; For salaries of ministers of the United States to Great Britain, Ministers. France, Spain, Russia, Prussia, and Austria, fifty-four thousand dollars; For salaries of the secretaries of lcgation to the same places, twelve Secretaries ot thousand dollars; l°g““°“• For salaries of the chargés des afuires to Portugal, Denmark, Swc- Clgargés des den, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Chili, Peru, Central America, New ¤*Y¤¤`°S· Grenada, Venezuela, Texas, and Naples, including an arrcarage to the charge d’z1H`uires to Texas of one thousand two hundred and eighty-four dollars, fifty-nine thousand seven hundred and eighty-four dollars; For salary of a minister, resident of the United States, to Turkey, Minismrw six thousand dollars; T“¥k°Y· For salary of the drogomzm, and for ccmtingcnt‘expenscs of the lcga- Dmgoman, tion to Turkey, six thousand five hundred dollars; °"P°“s°“# &°· For contingent expenses of all the missions abroad, thirty thousand Expenses of dollars 5 missions. For salaries of the ccmsuls of the United States at London and Paris, Consuls uc four thousand dollars; §f;;';°n md For expenses of intercourse with the Barbary powers, seventeen thou- 1;,,,1;:1,,, pow. sand ibur hundred dollars; ers. For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign coun- Relief, &,¤.¤f tries, forty thousand dollars; Am· B°“m"‘· For the contingent expenses of foreign intercourse, twenty-five thou- f£;‘i¥é‘;“€;’L;’_f sand dollars; _ Wm8C_ _ For clerk hire, 0{Iicc rcut, stnticmcry, zmd other expenses m the office Expenses m 0f the American consul in London, pcr act of ninctccnth of January, gga;‘;;’£t’}J‘§éd Cightccn lxuudrcd and thirty-six, two thousand eight hundred d0}- Act 0; Junlg; hrs; 1836, ch. 2. VOL. V.-44