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348 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. HI. Crr.8‘2. 1839. worked up, allowance to discharged convicts and other contingencies as per estimate of board of inspectors, twelve thousand five hundred and thirty-seven dollars and thirty-six cents; Southn, 1,,,,,,,, [For] the survey of the southern boundary of the Territory of Iowa, dary of Iowa- nine hundred and sixty-nine dollars and live cents; Public lands For the surveys of public lands north of the Wisconsin and Neenah ln WlS°°¤·’l¤- rivers in Wisconsin, the sum of five thousand dollars; New c,,p0i,S_ For three new eupolas over the Library of Congress, one thousand four hundred and eighty-two dollars and twenty-four cents; pipes to water For branch-pipes and stop-cocks to water the Capitol grounds, three Cnpiwl g¤>’d¤- hundred and fifty dollars and thirty cents; Repiiiiiiig wa. For repairing the water-pipes from the Tiber, north of the Capitol, to M Film- the Capitol, five hundred dollars; C. Gordon. For compensating Charles Gordon for services rendered under the resolutions of the Senate of the second of July, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, and the twenty-eighth of June, eighteen hundred and thirty- eight, one thousand eight hundred dollars; · progid,,,,,-, For completing the special repairs heretofore proposed in the Presibouss. dent’s house, including a deficiency in a former appropriation, one thousand five hundred and eleven dollars and twenty-two cents; p,,,.,,;,,,,,, of For the purchase of two fire engines for the Capitol, the Marine Barnre engines,&c. racks, and the Navy Yard, including apparatus and for suction and hose for the Perseverance fire company, ten thousand one hundred dollars ; G,,,,,,,,; p,,,, For the service of the General Post Office, for the year eighteen hun- Omee. Act of dred and thirty-nine, in conformity to the act of second July, eighteen g£lé?61835· hundred and thirty-six, five million one hundred thousand dollars; ·f,.,,n,,,,0,,,,,;,,,, For the transportation of the mails, three million five hundred and of the mails. twenty-nine thousand dollars; Compensation For compensation of postmasters, one million and ninety-one thouof pvstmwcw- sand dollars; Ship letters, For ship, steamboat, and way letters, thirty-five thousand dollars; &°· . For wrapping—paper, twenty-five thousand dollars; pZg'“pl”“g p°` For office furniture, six thousand dollars; Olfics fumi· For advertising, thirty-eight thousand dollars; ture _ _ For mail-bags, forty-eight thousand dollars; ,*'¢,‘K°;g;‘;'g' For blanks, thirty-four thousand dollars; Blanks.For mail-locks, and keys, and stamps, twelve thousand dollars; Maill¤cl¤¤.&c- For mail depredations and special agents, fifteen thousand dollars; ,,13;*1 gj§"°‘l“' For clerks for ofliees, two hundred thousand dollars; gi8{ks_For miscellaneous, sixty-seven thousand dollars; Provided, That the MiS<=¤U¤¤¤¤¤¤· President and the Postmaster General shall have the same power to transfer funds from one to another head of appropriation, between the foregoing appropriations made for the service of the General Post Office, as the President and any other head of an Executive department now have to transfer funds appropriated under one head to the service of another, in any other branch of the public service. Money paid to Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That from and after the passage . gsllgzgséfap of this act, all money paid to any collector of the customs, or to any ad (1,,,,,,,,, gw_person acting as such, for unascertained duties or for duties paid under protest against the rate or amount of duties charged, shall be placed to the credit of the Treasurer of the United States, kept and disposed of as all other money paid for duties is required by law, or by regulation of the Treasury Department, to be placed to the credit of said Treasurer, kept and disposed of; and shall not be held by the said collector, or person acting as such, to await any ascertainment of duties, or the result of any litigation in relation to the rate or amount of duty legally chargeable and collectable in any case where money is so paid; but whenever it shall be shown to the satisfaction of the Secretary of the