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366 TWENTY-FIFTH CONGRESS. Sess. III. Rus. 4,9. 1839. 1801, eh. 15. said District for their due execution, shall hereafter be executed, as regards lands in the county of Washington and without the limits of the city of Washington, by the Secretary of the Treasury through the General Land Office, where applications shall be made for warrants, which warrants shall be directed to the surveyor for the county of Washington ; who shall make return to the Commissioner of the General Land Oiiice; and payment for said land, according to the said laws of Mary- land, shall be made to the Treasurer of the United States, whose certificate of such payment shall be presented to the Commissioner of the General Land Office, who shall thereupon issue in the usual form of patents for lands by the United States, u patent for such land to the person entitled thereto; and the Secretary of the Treasury shall make such regulations as he may deem necessary, and shall designate the officers pmvim who shall carry the said acts into eifect: Provided, That any land which may have been ceded to, or acquired by the United States for public purposes shall not be affected by such acts. Ammovnn, February 16, 1839. Feb. 28, 1839. N0. 4. A Resolution authorizing certain eertfjicales of depasila to be cancelled and ’—""""""" reissued. Preamble. Whereas sundry persons have deposited sums of money in the Treasury of the United States, under the provisions of the second section of the ect making further provision for the sale of the public lands, approved 1820 ch 5] twenty-fourth of April, eighteen hundred and twenty, and received eer- ’' tiiicates therefor, and, supposing the same to be ussignuble, have assigned the same, for a valuable consideration, to other persons; and whereas the said section is so construed by the Treasury Department, that such receipts ox certificates are not available to the assignees; be it, therefore, Resolved by the Senate and House 4f Representatives of the United States of America in Congress assembled, That the Treasurer of the Cerci6cq1s¤,on United States be, and he is hereby, authorized and required, on the €;°;:;;¤“°g· M presentation of any such certificate by an assignee or bona fide holder and nm: Oilés thereof, to allow said assignee or holder to surrender the same·t0 bc issued. cancelled, and to issue e new certificate in the name of said assignee or holder, in lieu of the one so surrendered; which new eertiiicate shall be received in payment for public lands, in the same manner as the ori— ginal would have been had it not been transferred by the person who made the deposite; but the certificates to be issued under this resolution shall not be ussignablc. Arvnovmn, Febrlaxy 28, 1839. March 3, 1839. Nc. 9. A Resolutimz to authorize the purchase ay' an island in the river Delaware, """“""" called the Pea Patch, zmdfor other purposes. Resolved by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United Sm Wa, to States of America in Congress assembled, That the Secretary of War be, rake mmm; and he is hereby authorized and required to take all necessary measures

 W gh to try the title of the United States to the island in the Delaware cqmpea batik js}? monly called the Pea Patch, by submitting all the questions growing

and--how. out of the conflicting claims of the United States and the individual If ncgin the claimants, to the courts of law; and if it shall appear to the satisfaction p. S., zmhor- of the said Secretary, that the title is not vested in the United States, ffgéllgz and that the possession thereof is indispensable to the public interests, ' he is hereby authorized to purchase the same from the legal owner or owners thereof, either by appraisement or such other manner as he may deem most expedient; subject to the approval.of Congress. Approved, March 3, 1839.