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TWEl\ FY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 22. 1840. 377 For pay and mileage of the members of the Legislative Council of Legislative said Territory, pay of the officers of the Council, printing, furniture, C°“¤°ll· &°· rent, stationery, fuel, and all other incidental and miscellaneous expenses, twenty-nine thousand three hundred and twenty-five dollars; For compensation of the Chief Justice, the Associate Judges, and Dis- Chief justice, trict Judges of the United States, ninety-three thousand nine hundred &°· U· S· dollars; For compensation of the Chief Justice and Associate Judges of the Judges of Dis- District of Columbia, and of the Judges of the Criminal and Orphans’ “l°’ C°l“"‘bl’· Courts of said District, twelve thousand seven hundred dollars; For compensation of the Attorney General of the United States, four Attorney Gen. thousand dollars; For compensation of clerk and messenger in the office of the Attor- Clerk and ney General, one thousand five hundred dollars; *¤¢¤¤¢¤g¤*’- For contingent expenses of said office, five hundred dollars; Expenses. For purchasing law books, one thousand dollars; Law books. For compensation to the reporter of the decisions of the Supreme Reporter su. Court, one thousand dollars; 9*6***8 C¢>***¢· For compensation to the district attorneys and marshals, including Dist,attomey| those in the several Territories; fourteen thousand four hundred and *****1 ***¤*¤h¤l¤· fifty dollars; For defraying the expenses of the Supreme, Circuit, and District Expenses of courts of the United States, including the District of Columbia; also for 2*P*°***°G°•**’*· jurors and witnesses, in aid of the funds arising from fines, penalties, °‘ and forfeitures incurred in the year eighteen hundred and forty and preceding years; and likewise for defraying the expenses of suits in which the United States are concerned, and of prosecutions for offences committed against the United States, and for the safe keeping of prisoners, three hundred thousand dollars; For the payment of annuities and grants by special acts of Congress, Annuities and nine hundred dollars; €”'“°· For survey of the coast of the United States, including the compensa- U. S. coast tion of the superintendent and assistants, one hundred thousand dollars; ““"°Y· For compensation of two keepers of the public archives in Florida, K°°P°*`€°fFl°· one thousand dollars; mb “°hw°°' For salaries of registers and receivers of land offices where there are Registers and no sales, three thousand five hundred dollars; *'°°°*"°”· For expenses of surveying and marking the boundary between the Bvundarg b¢- United States and Texas, ten thousand dollars; ‘“‘d For the salary of the Commissioner of said survey, two thousand five gommgmeneg, hundred dollars; For the salary of the surveyor, two thousand dollars; Surveyor. For the salary of the clerk, twelve hundred dollars; Clerk. l For buildings and machinery for the branch Mint at Charlotte, North C}i*’¤?¤3 ******'*** Carolina, being a balance due to the commissioner appointed to super- " ° °‘ intend the erection of the buildings, twelve dollars and twenty cents; For discharging the balance due to the contractors for building the A¢D¤l*l°**°€’*· branch Mint at Dahlcnega, ten thousand dollars; _ F or allowance to the law agent, assistant counsel, and districtlattor- £;nV:*§1l;,*;‘:d_ ney under the acts providing for the settlement of private land claims in gg Florida, five thousand dollars; _ For the support and maintenance of light houses, floating lights,_bea- _Support ofsw cons, buoys, and stakeages, including the purchase of lamps, 0ll,W10kS, l*gl“h°“‘°“· · buifskins, whiting, and cotton cloth, transporting oil, &.c., keepers' salaries, repairs, improvements, and contingent expenses, four hundred and thirty-one thousand nine hundred and eighty-seven dollars and twenty- six cents · For cohtinuing the construction of the New Treasury Building, in- Ney Treasury cluding the arrearages due for materials furnished, and labor performed building- Vor.. V.-48 2 G 2