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TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. CH;22. 1840. 379 For completing the custom-house building at New York, one hun- Custom-house dred and eighteen thousand seven hundred and forty-three dollars; M New Y¤rk· For the construction of a new custom-house at Boston, one hun- Custom-house dred and twenty-one thousand dollars; at Boston. For repairing the public works at Staten Island, twenty-nine thou- pub;;,, works sand seven hundred and twenty dollars; atStaten island. For repairs of the custom-house building at New Bedford, five hun- Custom-house dred dollars; at N. Bedford. For repairs of the custom-house building at New London, one thou- Custom-house sand seven hundred dollars; at N. London. For repairs of the marine hospital at Norfolk, four thousand dol- Marine hospilays ; tal HL NDIfOlk. For the payment of expenses incurred by the collector of New York, Expenses ununder the act of seventh July, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, to def Wi *0 ¥°ml'· remit the duties upon certain goods destroyed by fire at the late confla- gg2E3i1Q3U;?;' gration at the city of New York, one thousand three hundred and fifty i l l dollars; For salaries of the Ministers of the United States to Great Britain, Ministers. France, Spain, Russia, Prussia, Austria, and Mexico, sixty-three thousand dollars : Provided, That the sum of nine thousand dollars, or such part thereof as may be necessary, may be applied to the outfit and salary of a Charge d’All`aires to Spain in lieu of a Minister; For salaries of the Secretaries of Legation to the same places, four- Secretaries of teen thousand dollars; l°g¤¥i¤¤· For salary of the Minister Resident of the United States to Turkey, Minister to six thousand dollars; Turkey. For salaries of the Charges des Affaires to Portugal, Denmark, Swe- Charges des den, Holland, Belgium, Brazil, Chili, Peru, New Granada, Venezuela, °H`°l*'€S· Texas, Naples, and Sardinia, fifty-eight thousand five hundred dollars; For contingent expenses of all the Missions abroad, thirty thousand Expgnggg of dollars ; missions. For outfits for a Minister to Russia, and of Charge d’Aifaires to Sar- Outfits. dinia, thirteen thousand five hundred dollars. For salaries of the Consuls of the United States at London and Paris, Consuls at four thousand dollars; and twelve thousand dollars for the expenses and ¥°'!d°¤ md salaries of diplomatic agents to be employed under the direction of the ms' President of the United States, in attending to the Tobacco interest of Tobacco the United States, in Europe; “g°“‘“· For the relief and protection of American seamen in foreign coun- Reliexi &,c. of tries, forty thousand dollars; Am- S°°m°”· For clerk hire, office rent, stationery, and other expenses in the office Offics of conof the American Consul at London, per act of January nineteenth, eigh- Sul “* L°“d°”- teen hundred and thirty-six, two thousand eight hundred dollars; _ 18% °h· 2 For interpreters, guards, and other expenses incident to the consu- Ccnsulatesin lates in the Turkish dominions, five thousand five hundred dollars; ;E:;k‘Sh d°“““' For salary of the principal and two assistant Librarians, pay of Laimy gf the messenger, and for contingent expenses of the Library, four thou- C0¤g1‘¤SS· sand three hundred and eighty-seven dollars and fifty cents; For the purchase of books for the Library of Congress, five thousand bE(;11:§b¤S¤ GY dollars; ' For compensation to William Gibbs McNeill, being an excess of ex- W.G.McNei11. penditure over and above the appropriation for surveys made under his direction of the East pass of the Appalachicola Bay, one hundred and fifty dollars and twenty-nine cents; For the payment of certain certificates, being part of the balance of Payment of a former appropriation for that object, carried to the surplus fund, De- °°’“H°*“°“· cember thirty-first, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, fifty dollars; For the service of the General Post Office, for the year eighteen hun- gsm,-sl pos; dred and forty, in conformity to the act of second of July, eighteen hun- Otncs.