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406 TWENTY—SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 54. 1840. Springfield ar- For repairs and improvements at the Springfield armory, ten thousand m°'Y· five hundred dollars; Harper's Ferry For repairs and improvements at the Harper’s Ferry armory, fifty ’“’m°'Y· thousand dollars; Saltpetre and For the purchase of saltpetre and brimstone, forty thousand dollars; b'imS*Q¤°· For the expense of preparing drawings of a uniform system of util. Dmwmgs’&’°’ lery, and for other supplies in the ordnance department, three thousand dollars; Barracks, &.o. For continuing the barracks, quarters, &.c., at Fort Leavenworth, j;£g¤Le¤ve¤- thirty thousand dollars; Fo,,w,,ym_ For continuing the barracks, quarters, Sec., at Fort Wayne, twenty thousand dollars; Fort Smith. For continuing the barracks, quarters, &.c., at Fort Smith, fifty thousand dollars; Plattsbnrg, For continuing the barracks, quarters, Sec., at Plattsburg, twenty thousand dollars; Fort Jessup. For continuing the barracks, quarters, Gzrc., at Fort Jessup, ten thousand dollars; Arsenals. For repairs of arsenals damaged by storms and fire, the sum of nineteen thousand seven hundred and sixty-five dollars; Preventing_ For preventing and suppressing hostilities in Florida, to be expended

PP*'*?¤¤*“S under the direction of the Secretary of War, conformably to the acts of
 m Congress of the nineteenth of March, and the second of July, eighteen

1836, ch. 44. hundred and thirty-six, and the acts therein referred to, viz : For forage 1896, ch- 254- for the horses of the mounted volunteers and militia, and for the horses, mules, and oxen in the service of the trains; for freight or transportation of military supplies of every description, from the places of purchase to Florida; for the purchase of wagons, harness, boats, and lighters, and other vessels, of horses, mules, and oxen, to keep up the trains, tools, leather, and other materials for repairs, transportation within Florida, including the hire of steamboats and other vessels for service in the rivers and on the coasts, and the expenses of maintaining the several steamboats and transport schooners connected with the operations of the army; hire of mechanics, laborers, mule drivers, teamsters, and other assistants, including their subsistence; for miscellaneous and contingent charges, and for arrearages in eighteen hundred and thirty-five, eighteen hundred and thirty-six, eighteen hundred and thirty-seven, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, eighteen hundred and thirty-nine, and eighteen hundred and forty, three hundred thousand dollars. For an outfit of a Chu-gg drag- Charge d’Affaires to the Republic of Texas, four thousand five hundred fgireg;0 Texas. dollars. For repairing the roof to the public store at the custom-house cus‘:0n:;;':§c“° in the city of Philadelphia, or for new roofing the same with copper, as in phgtudciphgm shall be directed by the Secretary of the Treasury, after causing careful surveys of the condition of the said building to be made, a sum not to exceed three thousand two hundred dollars. For the pay of the comgemmpsiener missioner appointed by the Governor of the Territory of Iowa to act on gm‘;;'3né"§;_ the part of that Territory, in conjunction with the commissioner ap- ,0,,,;,,,,,, éoun- pointed by the United States, in ascertaining, running and marking, the dnry thereof? southern boundary line of the said Territory, in conformity with the act 1838, on. 116. of Congress of the eighteenth of June, eighteen hundred and thirty- eight, the sum of one thousand and ninety-six dollars. For the payment Shelves, gm of expenses incurred under the direction of the Joint Committee on the in eemnptrge Library, in the erection of shelves and book-cases in the committee L:;}?;,?8 rooms of the Capitol, for the reception of books and documents to be transferred from the Library to the several committee rooms, a sum not to exceed one thousand two hundred and fifty dollars. For the purpose Preservation of enabling the Secretaries of the War and Navy Departments to place 05,,,,,,,;,,,,,,,,, of in a state of safe preservation the specimens of natural history which ¤¤¤¤r¤l history- are now deposited in their respective offices, or which may be brought '