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416 TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. I1. C¤.26. 1841. Subsistence. For the subsistence of officers and cadets, forty thousand and seventy- seven dollars; pom 6 of Og;. For forage of officers’ horses, five thousand one hundred and eighty- cars' Eorses. four dollars ; Clothing. For clothing of officers’ servants, four hundred and twenty dollars; Board of Visit- For defraying the expenses of the Board of Visiters at West Point, °1’¤· two thousand dollars; Fuel, forage, For fuel, forage, stationery, printing, transportation and postage, &°· twelve thousand five hundred and eighty-one dollars forty-five cents; Repairs, &c. For repairs, improvements, and expenses of buildings, grounds, roads, wharves, boats and fences, seven thousand seven hundred and nity-seven dollars and fifty cents; Clerks. For pay of adjutant’s and disbursing oiIicer’s clerks, nine hundred and nity dollars; Library. For increase and expenses of the library, one thousand dollars; Binding books. For progress with binding books injured at the fire in February, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, and imported stitched, three hundred dollars; Miscellaneous. For miscellaneous items, and incidental expenses, seven hundred and _ twenty-six dollars and twenty-five cents; Department of For the department of engineering, three hundred dollars; E1§'El!{’°°“E€· For the department of philosophy, eight hundred and eighty-seven mp y' dollars [and] thirty-three cents; ghm,;,;,·y_ For the department of chemistry, five hundred and twenty·five dollars; — Drawing, For the department of drawing, two hundred and seventy-five dollars; Mathematics. For the department of mathematics, seventy-five dollars; Artillery. For the department of artillery, three hundred and ten dollars; (3,,,,,,,;,,,;,,g For completing the re-construction of the buildings for the library, buildings. engineer, chemical, and philosophical departments, commenced under the act of July seven, eighteen hundred and thirty-eight, seven thousand five hundred and eighty-one dollars [and] thirty-seven cents; Surveys west For military and geographical surveys west of the Mississippi river, of the Mi¤¤i¤- twenty thousand dollars; “‘P*”· Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That there be, and hereby is, ap- Balance due prepriated, to be paid out of any money in the Treasury not otherwise Lyon &» H¤W· appropriated, the sum of four thousand three hundred and sixty-nine md' dollars, to pay a balance certified by the Topographical Bureau to be due to Lyon and Howard, as the balance upon a contract for building two steam dredging machines upon Lake Michigan. Approved, March 3, 1841. Srururs II. -..-. Much 3, 1841- Cntr. XXVI.-dn an n confirm land param. Bc it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the Certainpatents United States of America in Congress assembled, That all patents for °°¤H1'm°d· public lands, which have been issued from the General Land Office since the passing of the act, entitled "An act for the establishment of a General Land Office in the department of the 'I‘reasury,"_passed on Act ot'Aplri1 the twenty-filth day of April, one thousand eight hundred and twelve, in 25• *81%** -68- the name of the President of the United States, instead of being " in the name of the United States," as prescribed in the eighth section of said act: and all patents for public lands, which have been issued from the said General and Office since the passing of the act entitled “An act Ac, of July 4, to reorganize the General Land Office," passed the fourth day of July, 1836, cli. 352. oneithousand eight hundred and thirty-six, and which have been coun- _ tersrgued by the recorder of the General Land Office, or other pets0n_ acting in his stead, instead of being countersigned by the Commissioner of the General Land Office, as prescribed in the act of the twenty-iitth