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l0 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 53, 54. 1836. S·n*ru:r:1: I. . . · he Chzckasaw . LIU.-.4 .12ct to carry mtu {fed the. treaties concluded by i l April 20, 1836., Craze ,2]:- [,,d,·a,,7; 0,, ,},8 ,;,,,,,,556:}; October, eighteen hundred and thzrty-two, and W the twentyfourth May, eighteen hundred and ihzrtyfour. Be it enacted, bylthe Senate and House of Representatives of tne United Moneys re. States of America in Congress assernbled, That all xnoneys received from ceived f°l` 1“¥"d’ the sale of lands under the stipulations of the twat10S with B16 Chitika- °° b° pm mm I d' ns of the twentieth of October, eighteen hundred and thirty. the Treasury. Saw n IH . d d d h~ f han two and the twenty-fourth May, eighteen hun re an t irty- cur, s be paid into the Treasury of the United States, in the samemanner that moneys received from the sales of public lands are paid into the Treasury. . Payment un- Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That all payments required to be

  • l°' ‘h° i“s"“°’ made, and all moneys required to be vested by the said treaty, are hereby

}¥°°;iQ°;n;h° appropriated in conformity be it, and shall be drawn from the Treasury, re i as other public moneys are drawn therefrom, under such instructions as may from time to time be given by the Pres1dent._ Special ac- Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That all mvestrnents of stock, °°“m *° b° required by the said‘ treaty shall be made under the direction of the kai"' &°' President; and a special account of the iimds under the said treaty, shall be kept at the Treasury, and a statement thereof shall be annually laid before Congress, and the sum of one hundred and fiiiy thousand dollars, heretofore appropriated, agreeably to the said treaty, and to aid in its fulfilment shall be refunded to the Treasury, ns soon as iimds sufficient therefor, are received fiom the sale of the said lands. Approved, April 20, 1836. Snrurs I. -—-— Ap;-31 zo, ]836, Gun. LIV.-An Aoi establishing the Ibrriiorial Government of 7W8¢01¢8i¤·(¤) [0b8C1w__' Be it enacted, by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United what ,0,,,,. States of America in Congress assembled, That from and after the third try Shall ¤<>3¤¤ti- day of July next, the country included within the following boundarie

  • “'° FM W'?' shall constitute a separate Territory, for the purposes of temporary

eonsm Tern- . . . ,0,-y, government, by the name of Wisconsin; that is to say: Bounded on the

(a) The acts which have been passed relative to the Territorxof Wisconsin have been: An act to establish the Territorial Govermnent of Wisconsin, pri] 20, 1836, chap. 54. _ _ Appropriation for the public buildings and library of the Territory of Wisconsin, ivil and D1pIomnt.1c appropriation, uct_ of May 9, 1836, chap. 59. _ An act for laying off the towns of Madison and Burlington, in the county of Des Moines, and the towns of Bellevieu, Du Buque and Peru, in the county of Du Buque, Territory of Wisconsin, and for other purposes, July 2, 1836, chap. 262. _ _ An act to amend an act, entitle "An act for laying off the towns of Madison and Burhngon, in the county of De Moines, and the towns of Bellevieu, Du Buque and Peru, in the county of u Buque, Territory of Wisconsin, and for other purposes," approved July 2, 1836. March 3, 1637, chap. 36. An act to give the approval and confirmation of Congress to t rec several acts of the Legislative A¤· sembly of the_ Territory of Wisconsin, ineorporatingbbanks, March 3. 1837, cha . 75. An act maktngnppropriations for completing the pu lic buildings in Wisconsin, F une 18, 1838, chap. 117. Post routes in _ isconsm, an act to establish post routes, and to iscontinue others, July 7, 1838, chap. 172. I Anlgctlgghvnne tn; Territory of Wisconsin, and to establish the Territorial Government of Iowa, unc , , c ap. . An act to authorize the construction of certain improvements in the Territory of Wisconsin, and for other purposes, March 3, 1839, chap. 72. hgngzgct to create the office of Surveyor of public lands in the Wisconsin Territory, June 12, 1838, c p. . An act concerning a seminary of learning in the Territory of Wisconsin, June lb, 1838, chap. 110. An act to grant a quantity of land to the Territory of Wisconsin, for the purpose of aiding in opening A canal to connect the waters of Lake Michigan wit those of Rock river, June 18, 1838, chap. 114. hAn ggt to alter and amend the organic law of the Territories of Wisconsin and Iowa, March 3, 1839, c ap. . An act to detineand establish the eustem boundary line of the Territo of Wisconsin, June l2,l838,eh.10l. mggotlnnrtongndiansfubjected to the laws of the United States and of Wisconsin, Act of March 3, ,c ap. , sect. . Appropriation for the survey and examination of the country between the mouths of the Menomonie and Montreal rivers, for the purpose of designating and marking the boundary line between the Stats of Michigan and the Territory of Wisconsin, March 3, 1841,_chnp. 36, sect. 3. _ S£tn:‘n)te;o4n;ngn1;n·n¢}§n;hn6pr§;‘;ed; of the sales of the public lands, and to grant pre-emption rights, Appropriations for Wisconsin Territory, May 18, 1842, chap- 29, No. 108, Sec.