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TWENTY-SIXTH CONGRESS. Sess. H. Ch. 36. 1841. 433 Of {also swearing in taking the oath, at the rendition of his accounts as by th, 5,;, scc, required by the filth section of this act to be prescribed by the Seem- ¢i¤¤ ¤f this act. my of the Treasury, with the intention to deceive and defraud the Go. “;:?:rd°°m°d verument of the United States, Shall be deemed to be guilty of perjury, p I y` and liable to the same prosecution and penalt inflicted for like offences, to be tried and adjudged in any court of the {lnitsd States having jurisdiction thereof, and it shall be the duty of the Secretary of the Tres- Sec. Treasury gm-y, whenever in his opinion the said offence has been perpetrated as g;¥;"lg3°° ‘h° aforesaid, to direct the District Attorney of the United States for the to Qowcgigiz, district within which the same has occurred to prosecute the offender; oiignderj. SEc.8. And be it further enacted, That all laws, or parts of laws, ;f"’f"\°}‘;“;h inconsistent with the provisions of the iitth, sixth, and seventh sections giiqfzthwxd 7,; of this act, are hereby repealed. sections ofahis Aprnovzn, March 3, 1841. 'mr '°P°°l°d· Gun. XXXVI.—.Hm Act making apprqvriatimm for the support of the ae-my for Snwm IL the year one fjousand eight hundred and forty-one. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the [Ob°°l°t°‘] · United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following Appropriw sums be, and the same hereby are, appropriated to be paid out of any tions. money in the Treasury not otherwise appropriated, for the support of the army for the year one thousand eight hundred and forty-one ; For the pay of the army, one million one hundred and seventy-two PW thousand and twenty-eight dollars; For subsistence of officers, five hundred and fourteen thousand four Subshmnw of hundred and eighty-nine dollars; officers. For forage ofofIicers’ horses, one hundred and fourteen thousand five Fongé 0;,,55. hundred and seventy-one dollars; cers’ horses- For payments in lieu of clothing not drawn in kind, eighty thousand Paymcmlin and thirty dollars; lieu of clothing. For subsistence, exclusive of that of officers, six hundred and forty- Subsistence. eight thousand eight hundred and ninety-nine dollars; For clothing of the army, camp and garrison equipage, cooking uten- Clothing, &.c. sils, aud hospital furniture, five hundred and five thousand seven hundred and thirty-seven dollars; For the medical and hospital department, twenty-eight thousand do1— Medica] and lays ; d6pBI’t· For the regular supplies furnished by the Quartermastcfs Depart- uézzmmw ment, consisting of fuel, forage, straw, stationery, and printing, tW0 ter’s depa1·Lm’t. hundred and sixty-one thousand dollars ; For barracks, quarters, and store-houses, embracing the repairs and Barracks, &.¤. enlargement of barracks, quarters, store-houses and hospitals; the ercc» tion of temporary cantonments, and of gumhouses for the protection of cannon; the purchase of tools and materials, and of furniture for the barrack-rooms; rent of quarters for officers, of barracks for troops where there are no public buildings for their accommodation, of store-houses for the safe-keeping of subsistence, clothing and other military supplies, and of grounds for summer cantonments, and encampments for military practice, one hundred and sixty thousand dollars; _ For transportation of ofHoers’ baggage, when travelling-on duty with- 'g`¤g¤¤p¤1;¤¤¤¤ out troops, sixty-five thousand dollars; °a§e_°°” bm' For transportation of troops and supplies, viz: transportation of the Srmuspoytaqun army and baggage; freight and ferriages; purchase or hire of horses, vf Wg0W5N mules, oxen, carts, wagons, and boats, for purposes of transportation, or '“*" °“‘ garrison use; drayage and cartage; hire of teamsters; transportation of funds for the pay department ; expense of transport vessels, and of procuring water at such posts as from their situation require it ; transportation of clothing fiom the depot at Philadelphia to the stations of the . Vox., V.——55 2 M