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438 TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 3,4. 1841. of the said William Henry Harrison since his death, on account of his salary as President of the United States, shall be deducted from the said sum of twenty-five thousand dollars. Approved, June 30, 1841. Snrurs 1. -·-—··—- July 21, 1841. Curr. III.-An dc! authorizing a (fpago mi exceeding the wm of iwcloe millions '_"`°"`;; 8. P1?:§;,;;'{E?,] be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives the thorized to bor- United States of America an Congress assembled, That the President ¤’¢>W$l2·°0°»0°0 of the United States is hereby authorized, at any time within one yes; “°6l’" °°"°‘ from the passage of this act, to borrow, on the credit of the United States, a sum not exceeding twelve millions of dollars, or so much thereof as in his opinion the exigencies of the Government may require, at a rate of interest, payable quarterly or semi-annually, not exceeding When reim. six per centum per annum, which loan shall be made reimbursable either l¤¤¤‘¤¤bl¤· at the will of the Secretary of the Treasury, after six months' notice, oiat any time after three years from the first day of January next; and bahgvzgnzgw said money so borrowed shall be applied, in addition to the money new ,0 be applied_ in me Treasury, og wlgich may bp lgecgived thereip fiplm other sourpes, to e payment an re emptiono the reasur no es ereto ore authorized, which_are or may be outstanding and uynpaid, and to defray any Stock how of t;lhe_pu(ph;c pxpensps livlpchk hplvpl peep- herietoisre or; whichh mlay lie ’ au orize yaw,w1c soc sa e ranseraeon onteoos tmnsfembm of the Treasury. y Certificates of Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Trea- ¤*¤¤k Y0 bf! Pm- sury be, and he is hereby, authorized, with the consent of the President p"°d "md °°ld‘ to cause to be prepared certificates of stock, signed by the Secretary and countersigned by the Register of the Treasury, for the um to be borrowed, or any part thereof§ bearing an interest not exceeding six pcr centum peril annuén, andatransferable and reimbursable as aforesaid, and Proviso. to cause the said certi cates of stock to be sold: Provided That no 1842, ch. 287. stock be sold below par. , See. Treas. to Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the Secretary of the Trea·

tl;lY¤{><>- sury be, and he is hereby, authorized to receive proposals for taking the

0,, &,c_ ° °°"’ said loan, or to employ an agent or agents for the purpose of negotiating the same, and to pay to him or them a reasonable commission, not exceeding one-tenth of one per cent. on the amount sonegotiated, which Expenses ind- sum to be allowed to suchagent or agents, and such expense as may be 6,,,,,,0 this ac, necessarily incurred in prrnting and issuing certificates of stock, and limited. other expenses incident to the due execution of this act, in all not exclpeding twelve (tihopxpd) dollars, which sum is hereby appropriated for t at urpose, an s e aid out of an mone in the Treasur not otheriwise appropriated. P y y ‘ y Sec. Treasury Sec. 4. And be it urther enacted That the Secretar of the Trea- ““‘l‘°“"d '° sury is hereby authorized to purchase at any time before the eriod purchase stock - - - . ’ _ P ,,,.,0, ,0 uma of herein limited for the redemption of stock hereby authorized, such porredemption. tion thereof as the funds of·the Government may admit of] after meeting tgppégpristion gl] me démandsto(;1tthphTrelz;rsury, and any surplus in the Treasury is . · • ere y appropria e 0 at o ect. p£,:;1g;;i·,,P' S' Sec. 5. And be it further] enacted, That the faith of the United punctual_pay· States be, and is hereby, pledged for the punctual pa ment of the inr";{‘*£_;'“'°‘ terest and redemption of said stock. y 'Approved, July 21, 1841. Srnuts I. "—_"' A,,g_ 1, ,841. Cnr. IV.-An Act making approp1;i¤3;>hnfo¢· the pay, subsistence, jc., of a home

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[Obsolete:] tie it enacted by tire Senate and House of Representatives of the Appmpmuon. United Staten of America in Congress assembled, That for the pay and