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12 TWENTY-FOURTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 54. 1836. shall record and preserve all the laws and proceedings of the Legislative Assembly hereinafter constituted, and all the acts and proceedings of the Governor in his executive department; he shall transmit one copy of the laws and one copy of the Executive proceedings on or before the first Monday in December in each year, to the President of the United States; and at the same time, two copies of the laws to the Speaker of the House of Representatives, for the use of Congress. And in case of the death, removal, resignation, or necessary absence, of the Governor from the Territory, the Secretary shall have, and he is hereby authorized and required to execute and perform, all the powers and duties of the Governor during such vacancy or necessary absence. Leggmmm- Sec. 4. And be it further enacted, That the Legislative power shall lww wustitured be vested in a Governor and a Legislative Assembly. The Legislative md °l°°°‘*d· Assembly shall consist of a Council and House of Representatives, The Council shall consist of thirteen members, having the qualifications of voters as hereinafter prescribed,whose term of service shall continue four years. The House of Representatives shall consist of twenty-six members, possessing the same qualifications as prescribed for the members of the Council, and whose term of service shall continue two years. An apportionment shall be made, as nearly equal as practicable, among the several counties, for the election of the Council and Representatives, giving each section of the Territory representation in the ratio of its population, Indians excepted, as nearly as may be. And the said members of the Council and House of Representatives shall reside in and be inhabitants of the district for which they may be elected. Previous to the first election, the Governor of the Territory shall cause the census pr enunyeratipn of téhe inéiabitants of the several counties in the Terriory to e ta en an ma e b the sherifls of the said counti r tively, and returns thereof miide by said sherilfs to the Goverdbl. cS'Tc}i:e first election shall be held at such time and place and be conducted in such manner, as the Governor shall appoint and idirectz and he shall at the same time, declare the number of members of the Council and House of Representatives to which each of the counties is entitled under tgps? Th: nuimber of persglns aulphorized to be elected having the ,, s num er o votes in eac of ‘ shall be declared, by the said Governbre isdmlieciillhrlylizlehllhdtlltdi ill): douncilg and the person or persons having the greatest number of votes

‘u;l;; Ilplipruzi of I53p§ese}p;.l:;t;,Hres,l;eq1:1al Ito thiebnumber to which each

. en 1. e , s so e ec are , the Governor, to be P‘°°'“’°· duly elected S Provzded, The Governor shall ord; a new election when there is a tie between two or more persons voted for to supply the vacancy made by such tie. And the persons thus electell to the I islative Assembly shallimeet at such place on such day as he shall appdimt · gltitglglgepeggtir, She time; plaeg, and manner of holding and conducting e eo e an the a` ‘ · several countiles to lihePCduncil andpi-lidiildianbIl'gRtlla€pi;i)ddl;iiilb;l0hddoildl mg to population, shall be prescribed by law as well as the of th gplpual commencement of the session of the said Legislative Asisemblyj who Shaube SY10 SGS5h0n, 111 any year, shall exceed the term of seventy-five days. C]- me ,0 sc. 5. _And be at further enacted, That every free white male citizen °*i¤¤· of the U¥{1¤>d States, above the age of twenty-one years who shall have EES]? sn inhabitant of said Territory at the time of iis organization, m eentitled to vote at the first election, and shall be eligible to any o ce within the said Territory; but the qualifications of voters at all Promo- Subsequent elections shall be such as shall be determined b the Le islative Assembly: Pravzded That the ricrht f Y ‘g (ml b . . _» t, o suffrage shall be exercised P y y citizens of the United States. Mgggsygrgfthe Sec. 6. And be it further matted That th l `sl ' ' Territory shall extend to allh f ,c egl anim Powgr of the rig t ul subjects of legislation; but no law