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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. I. Ch. 17. 1841. 459 For repairs of Fort Washington, Potomac river, thirty-five thousand Fortwashing dollars · t0¤· For Port Monroe, Old Point Comfort, Virginia, one hundred and hi? Fort Monroe. teen thousand dollars; For repairs of Forts Caswell and Johnson, and preservation of the Forts Caswell site of the former, at the mouth of Cape Fear River, North Carolina, and Johnson. hve thousand dollars; For Fort Sumter, Charleston harbor, South Carolina, fifteen thousand Fort Sumter. dollars; . For commencing dyke to Drunken Dick shoal, for preservation of Drunken Disk Sullivarfs island, and site of Fort Moultrie, Charleston harbor, South 9l¤<>¤lJS¤lliV¤¤'¤ Carolina, thirty thousand dollars; Iplwltrie For Fort Pulaski, Savannah river, Georgia, thirty-five thousand dol- Fm puh5k;; lars; For repairs of Fort Marion, St. Augustine, Florida, twenty thousand Fort Marion. dollars; 1 For continuing sea-wall at St. Augustine, Florida, five thousand dol— St. Augustine. ars; For Fort Pickens, Pensacola harbor, Florida, twenty thousand dollars; Fort Pickens. For Fort Barrancas, Pensacola harbor, Florida, forty-five thousand Ft.Barrancas. dollars; For Fort Morgan, Mobile Point, Alabama, forty thousand dollars; Fort Morgan. For Fort Livingston, Barrataria bay, Louisiana, thirty thousand dol- Ft.Livingszon. lars ; For repairs of other forts on the approaches to New Orleans, Louisi- New Orleans. ana, fifty thousand dollars; For defensive works, and barracks, and purchase of site at or near Detroit. Detroit, Michigan, fifty thousand dollars; For purchase of sitc, and for barracks and defensive works at or near Buffalo. Buffalo, New York, fifty thousand dollars; For fortifications at the outlet of Lake Champlain, and purchase of Lake Chamsite, seventy-five thousand dollars; Pl¤m· For defensive works, barracks, and other necessary buildings, and Mmwnnkeag purchase of site for a depot at or near the junction of the Matawankeag wd P°“°b“°‘ and Penobscot river, Maine, twenty-tive thousand dollars; iwsgh_qg_§g_ For contingencies of fortilicationsdifteen thousand dollars; Contingencies, For incidental expenses attending repairs of fortifications, iiity-five Incidental ex. thousand five hundred dollars; P¢¤¤¤¤· Sec. 2. And be it further enacted, That the following sums be, and are hereby, appropriated in like manner: For current expenses of thdnanco service, twenty-tive thousand dol- prdnance ser. laps ; vice. For purchase of ordnance and ordnance stores, seventy-tive thousand Ordnance and dollars ; °t°’°°' For armament of fortifications, one hundred thousand dollars; F¤¥¥·iB¢=¤i0¤¤· For purchase of saltpetre and brimstone, twenty thousand dollars; bS&l¢l>¤¤¤ Md Sec. 3. And be it further enacted, That the following sums be in ""'”‘°”°‘ like manner appropriated: For preventing and suppressing Indian hostilities, viz.: For balance required, in addition to the sum applicable out of the Aflxafggpsizf amount appropriated at the last session of Congress, for arrearages of fsilidxe ° “ pay due Florida militia called into service by the Governor of the Territory in eighteen hundred and forty, nineteen thousand three hundred and eighty-eight dollars and two cents; _ _ For arrearages of pay due Florida militia, commanded by Brigadier Arreurnlgeso General Read, for six months in the service of the United States, com- $:,;*,3:** l°"d° mencing November, eighteen hundred and forty, and terminating April, eighteen hundred and forty-one, two hundred and ninety-seven thousand two hundred and thirteen dollars and ninety-two cents;