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TWENTY-SEVENTH CONGRESS. Sess. II. Ch. 64. 1842. 493 office at Opelousas, dated the thirtieth May and sixth June, eighteen hundred and forty, made under the provisions of the act of eighteen 1835, ch. 17. hundred and thirty-five, aforesaid, be, and the same are hereby, confiymgd; Provided, Thfii ihé C0lH11'¤iSSi0¤€1‘ of the Genera] Land Office pmvism shall cause a further investigation to be made, and further evidence to be taken, in relation to claim number one hundred and sixty-one of said report; and should it appear that the original claimants actually inhabited and cultivated the lands claimed on and prior to the twenty-second day of February, eighteen hundred and nineteen, then and in that case, the same shall be confirmed, by and with the approbation of the Secretary of the Treasury. SEC, S, And be it further enacted, That the following claims in the gms, cya;,,,, Said reports of the register and receiver of the land office at Opelousas confirmed. be, and the same are hereby, confirmed, as follows, to wit: Number twenty-nine, to the legal representatives of Joseph Maritaurus ; number forty-six, to the extent contained in a league square; number forty-nine, for six hundred and forty acres, to the lcga} representatives of Bernard Lacroix; number fifty-four, to the legal representatives of J. Baptiste Vallery; number seventy-eight, for six hundred and forty acres, to Onezime Guedry, assignee of Nicholas Provost, and six hundred and forty acres to the legal heirs and representatives of Daniel Guedry and Jean Mouton, senior; number ninety-one, for so much as will, with the quantity heretofore confirmed, make the quantity of cnc league front by the depth of forty arpens; number ninety-nine, for six hundred and forty acres, to embrace the residence and improvements of Hugh Mulhollan on and previous to the twentieth day of December, eighteen hundred and three; number one hundred and fourteen, to the legal representatives of Andre Dumas; number one hundred and fifty-four, to the legal representatives of Antonio Mora; number one hundred and fifty-eight, to the legal representatives of Louis Frizzini ; number one hundred and sixty- seven, to Jacob Wallace or his legal representatives. Sec. 9. And be itfurl/zcr enacted, That the provisions of the two _C¤f¥¤i¤ Pfovipreceding sections of this act, which confirm donation claims situate ;;‘;';;5;Qg’;;X° in that part of said land district known as the "ncutraI territory," tions notto ei;. shall not be regarded as extending to any lands which are held by any ¥¤¤d w ¥¤¤d¤ person by virtue of any bona tide French or Spanish grant, warrant, or ;'§LdI§]r';‘;‘;§1°$' order of survey, made prior to the twentieth of December, eighteen Spanish grants, hund red and three, heretofore filed, according to law, with any rcgistcr, &°· or commissioner, or register and receiver of said district: Provided, Proviso. That the confirmations made by virtue of the two preceding sections shall only operate as a relinquishment of the right of the United States, and shall not affect the right of third persons, nor preclude a judicial decision between private claimants for the same land; and on the presentation, to the Commissioner of the General Land Office of a plat of survey, duly approved by the surveyor general of Louisiana, the claimant shall be entitled to Zl patent. A1*PROVED, July 6, 1842. '_; Szurvnz II. CHAP. LXIV.—An Act making appropriation.; fm- Ute current and coniingenf cx- July 17, 1842, pwses rgf the Indian Department, and fm- fuf/illing irealy stzpulalions with ibe various Indian jribw, for the year one thousand ehghi hundred and forty-two. ' Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives of the _ United States of America in Congress assembled, That the following irAPP*'°P“”‘ 5UmS bfé, and they are hereby, appropriated, for the year one thousand mus' eight hundred and forty-two, for the purpose of paying the current cxpenses of the Indian department, fulfilling treaty stipulations with the various Indian tribes, and contingent expenses, to be paid out of any m0l1€y in the Treasury not otherwise apprepfiawd. q R